Supply Drop - MAR. 8, 2017

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Greetings, Operatives. In this supply drop, we’ve introduced a new weapon for our sniper fanatics. We also removed all weapon skins and operative outfits from the Market. View your full supply drop below!

SR: SEO90 – A precision rifle meant for counter-terrorism operations. Its large magazine and semi-auto firing allow for quick shots.

• Removed all weapon skins and operative outfits from Market
- This removal is in preparation of our upcoming Cyber Crate system that will be implemented with our next episode coming in late March. Stay tuned for more details soon!
- For more info, please read our notice here:


  • P4prik4P4prik4
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    thank you for introducing a sniper that truly stands apart from the others.
    I see it being quite good in TC and TDM as it should be great for cleaning up already softened targets.
    particularly good if you have a silencer too, if you missed your first shot no biggy you'll get them on the second before they have time to spot you.

    I like how it looks like a cross between a semi automatic and a sniper, as it should.

    I've yet to test it so i'm a little uneasy about how strong it might be.
    I hope that if it's unbalanced that you will be more swift in making adjustments to it. Unlike the ....f2020
  • edlipeedlipe
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    The game does not open anymore since the early maintenance today

  • VenkmanVenkman
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    edlipe wrote: »
    The game does not open anymore since the early maintenance today

    Try repairing/validating your files depending if you are on Steam or Nexon launcher.