No defusing sound

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Apart from defusing sound continuing after cancelling it midway, there is also a bug of defusing sound not being heard. This morning has been the first time I've found it. I wasn't the only who didn't hear it.

Reviewing the clip, isn't a couple of moments like a very faint sound of the defusing typing that is just very faint and not 0.5s long?


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    I notice that the defuse start time (backtracking from when it finished) occurs during the sentry announcement. It's possible one sound interfered with the other. (Related fun fact: activating a tier 2 skill instantly at the start of a Demo round won't announce it to the enemy team. Maybe because of the start-of round voiceline?)
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    Ye it might be a coincidence that a sound can cancel another sound if i see this.
    In a normal situation i wouldnt know how you could silent defuse it otherwise (also without a POV of the defuser its hard to guess how he did it).