SA50 Balance plz

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So we complain a lot about the F2020 etc being annoying but the sa50 is still very much annoying and ever since they buffed sniper rifles to one shot kill on limbs the SA50 has gotten a significant boost.

Examining SA50 Stats:
the sa50 is balanced by trading some accuracy in exchange for the ability to stay scoped in and have slightly faster ROF.
Since your bullet deviate slightly from the area you shot at by 9% since it has a 91% accuracy.

However players will likely get the +2 accuracy muzzle and barrel with it giving you 95%acc.
You can even add the +3 accuracy Aim Assist on the sa50.
since according to this guide:
SA50 + barrel is lethal on body and limbs, so it does not even need an optimal range
so now you only have 3% deviation on your aim which really will only be noticeable at incredible distances and even then you might still hit your target.

This makes it stronger than the mm200 in this regard which makes no sense.
MM200 + barrel: body=lethal , limbs= non lethal


Since low accuracy on the sa50 hardly effects medium to close range shot,
On top of its currents stats, have it such that it has a 10% to 20% chance of a hit not register.
So 10% of the time you get a hit it would still not deal damage.
That's how you can balance its close range power.
this 10% could be like 5% at long range.

Also, as I've pointed out in a past post. You could make the first shot more accurate. but if you fire your second shot too soon that second shot could have a 30% chance of it not registering.
*First shot = 95%+ accurate
*if your rate of fire is at a rate of 3 (same speed as SEBURO SR) then you'd have like a 95%+ accuracy,
*if your ROF past the first shot is 4to 5 you have a 10% chance that the shot you hit not registering.
*if your ROF is at 6 to 7 your accuracy on following shot that hits the target has a 30% chance of not registering.

all this is on top of the ~95% accuracy the weapon has.

RNG is the main way to balance such a strong weapon. Other methods could be to add encumberances like slower strafe speed, more suceptible to grazing etc
or add muzzle sway.

Another thing that can be done is make the Sa50 hipfire be harder to hit as well.

Values are subject to change of course after extensive testing in the PTS.


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    I think a major rebalancin' of the weapons patch is on it's way I guess. That's why the new weapons are really terrible I think...
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    well if you could reliably headshot with snipers, they wouldn't have to have enough damage to oneshot from limbs

    atm the scope reticle doesn't show the correct position of your shots