Introducing First Connection: Part I - Persona

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You have been called into action and you are on the front lines.

A mysterious hacker group has infiltrated military installation systems, located valuable cyber case, and hijacked them. You have been called in to find out who they are, what their plans are, and why they want these weapons.

Are you ready to join the team?

First Connection: Part I - Persona is coming soon. Check out what's coming in our new microsite below and get your arsenals ready!


  • mutronixmutronix
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    We also made a couple of small balance changes for the Terminal B side. Dive in and let us know what you think of the new District Ruins

  • Gamer1983Gamer1983
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    when come Update?
  • HakureiHakurei
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    @mutronix she means that side B has less advantage in this case.
  • VenkmanVenkman
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    No need to be that rude...

    Can't wait to try out the new map update!
  • iiShaniiShan
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    I like the new look for District Ruins.

    Also, KHX-160? Sign me right up if that's anything like the KH already ingame.
  • P4prik4P4prik4
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    I love the changes to district ruins from a looks point of view, and the balance changes to the map look to be all good.So this is all going in the right direction While minimal its not like it made it worst.

    I do think the map will likely still be unbalanced particularly when trying to capture C from B.
    It remains to be seen. I think the map may need to undergo a few tweaks still until its done right.

    I just hope it's not off the list sort to speak from revisiting it in the near future.

    I also find that D side is pretty hard to capture coming from E. At least that's been my general experience.
  • RektifiedRektified
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    Lumos, PLZ, STOP IT! :c
    Stop teasing us with fragmentary information.
    Please just finally announce the date of the next routine windows maintenance.
    I want to be able to wait and sleep peacefully without visiting forum every hour just to get even more teased.
    You make us too HYPED D:
  • AlmalexionAlmalexion
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    I am not hyped.
    New weapons - Yes
    New maps - Yes
    Revision of the old maps - Yes
    Bug, Netcode, Security, Optimisation & Weapon Balancing fixes - HELL YEAH ! DO THAT NOW !
    Cosmetics - Why should I buy them ??? I love my weapons in their vanilla looks. And even I know they are in random now. I have some on my characters and weapons but I am not using them...
    Creativity Option - Many people hyped for them currently but they are gonna disappointed when they see the NX thing...
    Sec9 Pass - I can buy that only, I can only afford it monthly and I don't have any more money to spend for the cosmetics like the rest of the world. So I want at least 1 crate with 15days or 3 crates with 30days pass at least ! It is a V.I.P. pass and for that a nice lounge or something would be nice ! only gp boost is just sometimes doesn't worth it for many many people and it's just makes it normal, not %200 or something ! If company wants to make more money, that Sec9 pass should be the correct route ! I personally prefer monthly payment rather than pocket bending micro transactions... If you know that you gonna pay 3x more than the rest of the world thanks to the exchange rate differences ! Price policy of the Nexon is just overall expensive ! We have pockets to think too...
  • MidlordMidlord
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    In the stream I thought perhaps the sidtance to C from B team's spawn might been longer, but I think it's effect of the new skin. So I think the unbalance issues of the C terminal, which are the biggest, will remain. However, I may very much be wrong, as there have been changes to the terminal C walls that may be changing how it works. But I'm not sure how. In one hand it looks like changes that will make harder for A team to defend the terminal from the main street, on the other it seems it will make it harder to attack for B team with grenades and from the window. Perhaps the idea is that the main problem making the first capture easier for B will remain in exchange of rewarding the A team with a stronger defensive position. Anyway all this is just conjecture and we'll have to wait to see the new map in game.
    Funnily enough, for all the one sidedness of the map, of the last eight matches I've played there, the A team has won six.
    Also I agree with the above that capturing D coming from E seems to be quite hard.
  • AnduAndu
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    Im still confused on intergate system.