Better Cyber Case and Gate Rare Item Drop Rates


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    After investigating the gamble system abit more I will update this.
    The cyber cases themselves remain exactly the same, still rigged and still little chance at anything good. The key bits however are much better and they actually yield legendaries at a good rate. At this time id say if ur going to spend any money do it for key bits otherwise dont spend. They can still greatly improve this system and add better rewards into it.
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    Right, tried this today.
    Spent 20 € on First Connection crate and 9 € (10 $) on Key bits. I was aiming for a SEO MPX desert skin.
    Got paints, stickers and national flags. One duplicate emblem got me 100 MC. No skins at all.
    I feel pretty much duped, altough the paints are ok..
    After reading this thread its much more cruel than I even imagined. My heart goes out to the guys spending 140 $ and getting this garbage. Definitely the cruelest system in online gaming I know of.

    My suggestion:
    -Please bring the operative and weapon skins back to NX market (or $ buyable MC ). <- most lovely. OR maybe a NX skin sales week or something. ( If I knew about this new system beforehand I would have gone to buy at least Signature skins pack #2 and 2 my most liked weapons skins beforehand.)
    -Plz add the new legendary/epic skins to market with higher NX prices too.
    -Give Cyber Crate per level up like in Overwatch does it. (Maybe not from lvl 1 though. Something like 20 or 30 onwards)
    -Use same paints for weapon bodies and attachments (why do we need 2 sets of the same paints? Why wouldn't metallic guns be painted all over with the same paints? Increases the crate drop pool unnecessarily, makes weapon tuning harder with no reason.)
    -Combine body/atttachment/sticker removers into 1 item or make them infinite use or remove altogether. (Same reason as above)

    EDIT: (Edited some bits of this for 30 mins )
    Not buying more bits or crates at least for a year unless this gets better. Spending 10s or even 100s of $ without getting what you want isn't fun. Makes me see Disrespects face in my mind calling me a loser now. :(
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    btw how many pieces of the same paint can you have? (seems to go for stickers as well)

    EDIT: Ok, I went for one more Key Bits 110 purchase as the top poster recommended. Got one EPIC operative skin finally for 40 $ worth of spins. So the Inter Gate does give something after all. Have to forget about getting a specific item though. Keep spinning every month and build up a collection slowly until you hit a jackpot. Or a lot of MC so you can buy things.
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    ¬ Greetings

    ~ I too dropped a few bucks on this crate/bitkey gambling thing (just to see what I would get) - knowing that I would be losing said cash, but, hey, I'm adventurous . . .

    ~ I got only 2 items that were at least significant to me and the rest were items I can't even use (nor) wish to use.
    ~ Paint themes that are too atrocious to even contemplate using - I mean seriously? - I wouldn't dare place that paint on my weapons.
    ~ add the insult to injury, is the fact that you can't remove the paint scheme, its added on there forever, with no way to remove it, so because of that, I shan't be using that colour scheme or that weapon, rendering it completely useless.

    ~ NO Legendaries AT ALL - this is why I think its more conducive to - DB - Direct Buy - the Skin for our favourite characters,.
    ~ I completely missed out on the Motoko skin and its even more insulting, that I even made the effort to gamble away - just to see if I could get it - fully knowing that it was not even in the cards, and chances were very slim.

    ~ and now seeing the way that Nexon is treating people via email responses, is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

    ~ this game started off really well, a game that I enjoyed playing, being able to collect character skins of our fav Operatives and that it was also connected to the one the legendary anime's in history. ~ and now - its slowing deteriorating into something I don't want to see happen to the franchise.

    ~ its bad enough- that the film changed things to - 'make it easier'' - to understand and westernising it, (but) for this game to place milestones and adding a gaming element that its close to a casino scam is slapping the face of Motoko . . .
    ~ and who would actually dare to do that?

    ~ apparently . . . .