New First Connection Crate

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Welcome to First Connection! Kick off your experience with the new First Connection Crate, containing 20 Cyber Cases and 100 Key Bits. This crate can only be purchased once per account.

First Connection Crate
Price: $19.99
- Cyber Cases x20
- Key Bits x100


*Limit 1 First Connection Crate per account. Packs are not transferable.


  • spinningddiscoballspinningddiscoball
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    Thanks for the DLC can I make a minor request ... can we get some of the other weapons added to the dlc content and some kind of cash + ability upgrades
    they are a pain to get your hands on like ISHIKAWA`s remote camera you just dont get Enough from playing games and they are usually physical sockets I really like
    the added touch of ability sockets but they go unnoticed by most people .

    Please & Thankyou
  • DarkfreedomDarkfreedom
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  • KusanagILoveRKusanagILoveR
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    Gosh, thank god that I chose that crate. What an extraordinary luck with those key bits. Just hit two birds with one stone.