GITS 2017 Film NON SPOILERS talk

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I've not watched it yet. I'll be next Tuesday or so if I can. I just wanted to make a thread for you guys to comment WITHOUT SPOILING it, before someone makes a thread admitting spoilers.

Thank you.


  • OmnipotentOmnipotent
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    I went into it without watching a single trailer. I thought it was going to be a 1:1 remake of the Puppet Master story arc. It was similar, but different enough to keep me watching, borrowing some concepts from the manga, shows and movies.

    The subtext was lacking any real philosophical bite. It felt like it was dumbed down for the popcorn eating audience. Which would have been okay had they spent more time on the world building and brought some concepts to new viewers, but I feel some people who didn't watch the 1995 movie or Anime would be lost. The visuals, however, were really nice.

    I don't know if Scarlett Johansson was directed to walk and run in the most ridiculous fashion, but when the dvd comes out I plan to make a compilation of all her running/walking scenes because I found the way she moves hilarious.
  • MidlordMidlord
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    Ah, probably she can't run. In Captain America 2, the way she ran was like a duck, she does like she had the legs turned (in Spanish we'd say she's "zamba" but I don't know how that's said in English). I guess it's just she can't run gracefully.
  • CybernautCybernaut
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    The movie is terrible. There's no two ways about it. It's mind boggling that Hollywood writers, producers and directors could watch/read Ghost in the Shell, and come up with this.

    I actually had become a little bit excited in the past few weeks, given that the trailers made it look like it was going to be mostly a remake of the original film. It's not. It takes elements from the two original films and Stand Alone Complex and tries to mix them all together. Along with throwing in their own stuff that just doesn't fit. All too often it's just recreating scenes, but they almost all fall flat, due to changes they've made, or just the fact that it doesn't have the context that was provided in the original source. If you went into the movie knowing nothing about Ghost in the Shell, I think it would seem like a barely coherent mess.

    Frankly, it looks cheap, too. Some of the shots of traffic moving through the city looked terrible for a film of this size.

    I noticed that Scarlett Johansson looked really odd when she ran, too. If she just runs odd naturally, that's fine, I'm not going to pick on someone for being who they are. And, in any case, the entire character is wrong, she's not the Major that we all know and love. She's way too vulnerable, and spends most of the movie confused and dejected. And that's not really Johansson's fault, it's because of changes they've made to the character and story.
  • ChobeChobe
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    It's awesome.
    Not only is it one of my favourite movies now, it even catched up with my Cyberpunk all-time favourite Blade Runner, just regarding the atmosphere, visual and sound design.
    Besides the eye candy, it tells a nice and slightly altered story (I'm getting used that movies based on games and animes will NEVER just re-create an original) and imho did absolutely nothing wrong. Okay, perhaps you should be aware that it recreates maaany of the anime's original imagines but uses them in new and completely different contexts.
    This is imho very similar to the approach in Star Wars Episode 7, fan service everywhere. But it works really great if you're open-minded.

    Of course this is just my impression after the first time watching it but major flaws usually bug me immediately (curse of my line of work^^) and especially if I had high expectations.
  • MidlordMidlord
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    Disappointed. I think Chobe up there will end going down. Because the good is just appearances.

    It's badly directed: only close shots, combat scenes are made the same so you don't know the environment and their relative positions, they're made confusing which is the mark of bad directing. Too dark which isn't right.

    They can pass it off as a GITS film simply because of all the scenes they've copied from the anime film. But what they add, as said above, just doesn't fit. It even goes against everything. It's no surprise they've done little in way of worldbuilding: what they've added doesn't fit in it and they've made no changes to the world to adapt to what they've added. Doing worldbuilding with both things as they are would only make all the incompatibilities all much more obvious.

    They have emptied it of all philosophical weight that was in the original film to put in a very lame, run of the mill, silly, childish push this extremely simplistic statement. There GITS aim to propose complex questions, this foregoes the questions and feed you one kindergarten answer, copied from Nolan's Batman like "that film was deep, so copying a phrase will make ours pass as deep". I disagree with saying "they'd dumbed it down". That implies they understood GITS and decided to simplify it. I just think the right phrase to use is "they're dumb and can't grasp anything of what gits mean".

    100% of what feel there is that "this is a GITS adaptation" is solely responsibility of the copied scenes. Nothing they add provide anything GITS. And there's all that's GITS in this film: only in surface level.

    Also, while considering the differences between manga Motoko and anime Motoko, I was going to give to them they could make many changes to how she is. But no, sorry, I can't accept the way they've made her. You can argue it's coherent with what they've done for her origin story and I would say you have a point; the problem is that it's coherent in the most obvious, swallow thinking, first glance way, if you thought better on the matter, and they weren't dumb, you'd realize the Major we know from the anime would make it much stronger. As it is, it's just like so many mediocre films that say to deal with a problem but they don't go beyond lip service, without ever really bringing those issues into actual action of the movie.

    Not even the one good thing I was sure was good ends being good. Johansson can't be faulted, all she does wrong (apart from how she runs, that's just something you have to accept with her casting) is not her fault, but request by director. But I thought it might been:

    «- What actress gets more blockbusters in action? Scarlett Johanson.

    - She's not Asian!

    - That's what makes her perfect! A non Asian actor to play the character not only respects that in the film Motoko's body looks German-ish and in SAC British-ish, because that's no accident. It serves to underline the philosophical theme of the series behind the disparity of brain's race and body's race appearance giving it presence without having to spell it out for the dumber audience.»

    Instead, it is:

    «- What actress gets more blockbusters in action? Scarlett Johanson.

    - She's not Asian!

    - So what? It's money!»

    And I think the best description of gits 2017 is: this is what you get when you give a great master work to a team of mediocre people not up to understanding it.

    It also feels very much like

    - I've got this idea about a cyborg lady, I know what I want for a start and the end, but I have no clue what story would make it work.

    - Easy: buy the licence to GITS and fill the hour and half you need for a feature film with copies of the film's scenes. That way you get to copy the story without getting a plagiarism lawsuit.

    Any other comment I'll leave for the SPOILER thread.
  • UrODelAUrODelA
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    the casting debacle make sense if you wanna get all the weight on the 'story twist'; but to put everything...and i mean EVERYTHING else into the blender and make such a messy mix out of it...don't get me wrong here, every new iteration of nippon based and produced material is packing slightly to even continental shifting changes in story and or art-style... but this is about this LAM and it's the same mistake as usual; i will never get my head around the fact, that no studio will just retell the (original / unchanged ^^ ) story; WHY dumb down all of it...WHY do the producers think we are too stupid to follow multiple intertwined storylines or even something that isn't explained at all...this is GitS; you may need to read some books and watch some other work to understand the coherences ( to the fullest)...