Weapon's Recoil Case Study

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Hello guys and gals operatives,

This is my guide about weapon's recoil measure. In case you would like to know how your weapons perform with different attachments.

Keep in mind the video has been created at build before Apr 13. 2017 maintenance.



  • Telésforo441Telésforo441
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    I have been doing the same thing, but with all the weapons and all the possible configurations of stability. My tier list 2.0 (much of it) is based on it (for example, the p90 is an extremely active weapon but its firing pattern is ridiculous).

    I have a lot of data on this but can be summarized in the following.

    Apparently what makes the f2020 a Beast are not precisely their stats. It's your firing pattern (it's similar to a T which makes the first shots hit the target) plus its killing power with three shots.

    I have also concluded that all objects that "help" stability do not work as they should. The change is very little and the firing pattern is maintained. I have even chosen to remove all stability objects from my weapons.
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    Some scopes are placed closer on the weapon's sight rail than others, so it appears as though there's more kick back but there isn't

    I did post that touches on this. It discusses how the 3.4 scopes have a nauseating affect. rattles more because they are so close to the viewer window.


    having a 3.4 sight should be a big reason to opt for the ARs over the smgs, but that is not at all the case currently.
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    But ya, weapon recoil pattern is a big part of what makes a weapon top tier or not. Unfortunately this does not seem to be taken very much into consideration when balancing weapons.
    And no information is provided for this apart from testing in shooting range.
    recoil pattern should also vary between when hipfiring and ADS. The fact that it does not vary causes some weapons to be better than others when hipfiring, thus giving them an unfair advantage.
  • AnduAndu
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    Well about year ago I was testing K22 on Seburo HD25 and then changed to Seburo RS - guess what - on seburo HD even on Shoting range I was unable to take down farthest enemies with quick burst -3 hits, because on ADS seems jumping more, but it isnt.

    I will explain to you - Seburo RS is 1,4 or something, you see everything 1,4 bigger, now get Seburo HD25 and you see everything 3,4 bigger. On HD25 you see only small part of the area you see at RS so it looks like on HD everything jumps higher, and you cant controll it easily like on RS because handling on every sight is the same, but the difference is on the zoomed size of the seeking area.

    About shaking Quick point - yes its because sight is close to the eye, same to KHI 2.0 etc.

    For me the most important thing in sight is that casing should not cover too much space - sometimes because of large casing I can miss few enemies (especially the closest ones)