Sektion9 Member Recruitment English Division

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Sektion9 Member Recruitment for our 2nd English Division
Hello Operatives,
My Name is DonRyuHelix I am one of the Admins of Sektion9.
We are now finally open for all Operatives Around the World

First Let me Introduce our Clan

Our was founded by Inception now known as Hackception at the beginning of the early access phase. Since then our Clan has grown day by day. We are playing all around the servers especially on Europe & American East.

We have around 8 Operatives with very Important roles:

Hackception (Leader of SKT9)
Arkashu (Leader of SKT9 for the 2nd English Division)
DonRyuHelix (Admin of the 1st Division (German) & 2nd Division (English)
Nighttiger (Admin of the 1st Division (German) & 2nd Division (English)
ForestWolf (Admin of the 1st Division)
Hilli (Admin of the 1st Division)
GoGo (Admin of the 1st Division)
CS1o (Admin of the 1st Division)

The Requirements:

Age: 17 & older
Communications: Teamspeak 3 with additional Headset
Language: English or German
Characteristics: Friendly, Teamplay, being helpful of all, being in strong company
No GOEs/Prohibited: Hate , Flame, to segregate someone or telling Hate Speech to each other

What we are willing to give you:

An Clan across all games
Friendly and Helpful Players
Internal Trainings/Internal Fun Events
Ready for competitive Games

How to visit us ?

Our Website (It is an German speaking Website but we are will reconfig it for english speaking Players) :

Our Teamspeak Address:

Or just send me an Message Ingame/Steam or in the Official First Assault Forums
My Name for all of them is DonRyuHelix

We are looking forward to welcome you Operatives !

Admin DonRyuHelix