this is by far the most bugged game ive ever seen


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    I'd be salty if they remove weapons only becasue they are not that reliable than other ones. They just should balance it. For the UMP instead of balancing they added a new SMG that replaced the UMP. That was a very bad decision, especially since they said they are working out a balance. And what they do? They even add two more unbalanced weapons into the game. The KHX is another Seburo C30 and the KAPH5 or how it's exact name just made UMP obsolete. But honestly the UMP is obsolete for a long time, the new weapon just underlined it.

    the khx shoots at same speed as seburo but does as much damage as ak lol.. i shot 2 bullets in an enemy with c30 he had a knife he changed to khx then he shot a bullet in me i shot 2more bullets in him then he killed me with his second bullet in my chest.

    ikr the KHX is even an upgraded Seburo C30 (you must imagine "upgraded" and "Seburo C30" in one sentence). idk why they do this. Is it THAT hard to bring new weapons that are not broken. To test new weapons before releasing it. Is it that hard? I thought South Korea is a competitive affine gaming country, but what Nexon/Neople did the last month was nothing to make this game more balanced. It is sad, since i like the art design, the sounds and the anime itself and i like shooters. I hope they did not kill this game, but you can feel there are people leaving this game.
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    KHX does 38 unmodded, 41 with damage barrel, 45.1 with damage barrel and CBC-1
    C30 does 37 unmodded, 40 with damage barrel, 44 with damage and CBC1
    AK does 41 unmodded, 44 with damage barrel, 48.4 with damage and CBC1

    CBC's apply before damage barrels because they are a range modifier and damage barrels apply a flat damage bonus after range modifiers.

    So technically the KHX does 44.8 damage, which is a moot point because it still 3 shots people even if you only shoot them in the feet.
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    if the gits had some fun bugs and makes the game enjoy for that it'd be better. but all of them are just ridiculouslly idiotic abusing/brokiness aspects.