My Ping Values Are Rising ?

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my problem : My Ping Values Are Rising . My ping values have risen considerably since the last update .I did not encounter this problem in other online games

My ping values : 30-35 ms (before update)

My ping values : now 60-70 ms (after update)


  • MidlordMidlord
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    It hasn't happened to me. I post this just as a way to say that, whatever the incidence of that issue, it doesn't affect the 100% of the players.
  • Bittah_CommanderBittah_Commander
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    Maybe one of the servers was moved?
  • AlmalexionAlmalexion
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    60-70ms is ok, I have so much irregularity problem in 30ms which I shouldn't have, which made me stay away from europe server and move on to america server... Like fires before players, faster than normal speed without chipset players, motokos reveal themselves late, dying in one shot to the chest (not a sniper), phasing bullets kind of things which is weirdly I don't get them much in the America servers...