Patch Notes - APR. 20, 2017


  • RektifiedRektified
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    Thank you very much for this small but long awaited patch. After the lag compansation patch from march I had huge problems with netcode but now it seems to be fixed. And finally starting to nerf f2020 a bit is a good step in the right direction. Very well done :3
  • CyBeR_JunkyCyBeR_Junky
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    LumosNXA wrote: »
    We recently released an episode that contained a new system in it called the Inter Gate. In response to community feedback, we’ve adjusted the system to make it easier for you all to enjoy. Because of this inconvenience, anyone who used 200 Key Bits or more will receive a 10% Key Bit gift to their account.

    Once again we want to thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy the improvements we made based on your feedback to the Inter Gate system.

    505 key bits used , did not work like it should , did only get 2 of the 3 maven skins , got loads of duplicates that did not get crost of !
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    LumosNXA wrote: »
    sup3rn4ut wrote: »
    I purchased the First connection crate on 2017.4.1 which came with 100 keybits. Yesterday 2017.4.19 I purchased 110 keybits. I used all 210+ as of last night. I have no 10% added to my account today after the patch. What gives Nexon?

    Please submit a ticket to our CS team:

    Support team was able to credit my account the missing keybits. Thank I have this weeks grenade mission not showing...