Ishikawa sentry laser removal chip

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I just think it would be nice to have a chip that removes the sentry's laser pointer. The laser only helps opponents recognise a sentry has been planted before they round a corner, a chip that would remove the laser would be great for surprising them.


  • iiShaniiShan
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    Or maybe even make it look like a friendly laser to trick other players?
  • PandarkvadorPandarkvador
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    No thanks, we already have a problem with some combination of Motoko chips we don't need another OP chip. Or after we will have a chip that remove the drone on the mini map, another who make the barrier invisible and some others for all others operators. The best source of kill must be the skills and the weapons, perks must remained useful but secondary .
  • AnduAndu
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    Yeah I asked for that 1,5 year ago Seeing laser of sentry is totally pointless. You see the thread so you are avoiding or tossing nade.