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Any thoughts on turning the game into a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter Role Playing Game?
  1. Yes or no to the above?6 votes
    1. Yes
       17% (1 vote)
    2. No
       67% (4 votes)
    3. Lame Idea/Get a new hobby
       17% (1 vote)


  • Bittah_CommanderBittah_Commander
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    That's just not gonna happen with this game engine and the available servers. Additionally it's also not something that would be fitting for GITS at all.
  • SlipperySnailSlipperySnail
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    Not sure what you constitute as the "role-playing" part of the game, but I'd like to believe that under most cases, people would treat Free-To-Plays like this as an FPS with RPG elements, indicated by the level-up system, player cybernetics, as well as the characters you can choose from. Hopefully in the future if they decide to have a lot more characters, they can change the character attributes to fulfill a role rather than having a disjointed skill be the reason for these differences.

    I'd love to see it. I also believe this would be something along the pipeline of after four-six years of development post-commercialization, when the updates feel stale and there's a real need for innovation. (This game is still in beta..)