Can't run through think tank or turrets ?

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Whats up with this ?
Let's say: district ruins, place a turret in a corridor from C to D just before the door and only paz can jump over it.
Also think tank cannot be passed, so it you run to thinkythanky let's say in a ledge, it just pushes you away or goes by "standing by".
Please fix this! How could you defend a point if you can't even walk there because it's like there's a wall in front of you.

Makes me not want to play the mode you'd like us to play, since you got those new textures in that still unbalanced map.


  • iiShaniiShan
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    Personally I've never thought this was an issue that needed to be fixed.
    I mean, if you can run through the turret it could easily make the turret useless, depending on positions other than the corridor you mentioned.
    And as far as the Tachikoma... It makes sense to me that a large moving object can't be passed though and can push you around.
  • Bittah_CommanderBittah_Commander
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    While it makes sense that you can't move through turrets and Tachikomas, I agree it's quite annoying when they block a passage (especially when they're friendly, since you can't even destroy them then).
    I think it would be best if maps would get invisible blockades that only prevent turrets and Tachikomas from being placed on or moving onto spots where they can completely block off such passages.