A comprehensive guide to the SAC universe.

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Hey all! First time posting a discussion, and I see that lots of people that play the game aren't too familiar with SAC's complex (pun unintended) backstory. While it's not too important to know the knitty-gritty, it's still nice to have a good idea of why Section 9 is the way it is. Without further ado, here's a comprehensive guide to SAC!

To start off, we need to tackle the concept of "Cyberization". To be "cyberized", one must first augment their brain into a metal casing, dubbed a "Cyber-brain". once that has been done, a person can connect through the net and integrate their mind with it if they're skilled enough. While one may have a cyber brain, it is up to it's user to "opt-in" to additional augmentations like artificial limbs and concealed weaponry. Eventually, more and more cyberization will lead to a person becoming sterile and one may also need to sacrifice brain-cells to make more space for the cyberbrain's more complex components. A full prosthetic body (Like Motoko's, Batou's, and Paz's) typically is manufactured with certain legal specifications, presets, and complexity. (With the exception of Section 9's personnel, where Motoko has several illegal modifications to her body, and Paz having a custom made face)

The earliest recorded events mentioned in SAC are the 3rd and 4th world wars. While both events were mostly vague, we do know what the outcome was: almost all of the world's superpowers were obliterated in nuclear fire. America and Russia were transformed and morphed into two new superpowers: The American Empire (The majority of the US military stationed in the remains of the American south and parts of north Mexico) and The Russo-American Alliance (Comprised of most of the West coast, and what's left of north-east America.) With the remains of the United States as a "buffer" between the two nations. Japan (and some of the other southeast Asian nations, except for China which was wiped out by a meteor) became the strongest nations on earth because they weren't directly targeted by nukes (Bar Tokyo) As for why these world wars happened, we only know why the 4th occurred. With the waning natural resources in the American Empire, it began to invade Mexico with the justification of "removing the drug cartels entrenched in Central and South America." Eventually, the American Empire dragged NATO (and later UN peacekeeping forces) into the fray as well, causing more devastation in it's wake. This occupation eventually turned into genocide as the CIA then sent cyberized troops to commit atrocities against the natives to demoralize the opposition. Once the other nations caught wind, the war was concluded with the American Empire withdrawing troops from south and central America.

Now onto how Section 9 fits in Japan's legal jurisdiction. As of the late 2020s, Japan has 9 separate departments, dubbed Sections. Each section is responsible for a certain task, and here's a list of each known section:
  • Section 1 - An investigations department for serious crimes. Sort of like the United States' FBI.
  • Section 2 - A department involved in healthcare.
  • Section 3 - Responsible for Food and Drug regulations
  • Section 4 - A special forces detachment dubbed "The Rangers".
  • Section 6 - The Japanese equivalent of the CIA. Responsible of intelligence collection.
  • Section 9 - A black ops team responsible for counter-cyberterrorism. Highly experimental, almost all of the operatives are highly cyberized and have a lengthy military background from the aforementioned world wars.

Well, there it is! hours of dialogue, obscure references, and exposition condensed into a single post! Hopefully it's understandable enough for everyone, and I'll be looking in here from time to time to spout more info if anyone's interested!