Who is the worst operative and why?

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When I say worst I mean underpowered. Who is the most underpowered operative ingame.
  1. Most underpowered is...136 votes
    1. Saito
       10% (13 votes)
    2. Togusa
       7% (9 votes)
    3. Motoko
       22% (30 votes)
    4. Batou
       9% (12 votes)
    5. Ishikawa
       37% (50 votes)
    6. Paz
       12% (16 votes)
    7. Borma
       4% (6 votes)


  • SrKatanaSrKatana
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    In my opinion; Ishikawa. He, unfortunately has a useless turret, I hope the dev fix it.
    About the OP chars, I think nano-gel from Borma needs a nerf in the speed of regeneration.
  • HakureiHakurei
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    Ichikawa's turret is in my opinion not that bad for reasons already mentioned in topics about him. It might need tweaking to make it viable outside only camp spot defending (But then it might need a nerf for point defending again.. errr complicated)

    Motoko's camo, without the +20% active camo, is a bit on the weak side, but it still can give you some splitseconds of extra reaction time or you are even more lucky when the enemy didnt look in the right corner.

    These 2 are however the lower tier ability skills (IMO).

  • VenkmanVenkman
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    I honestly don't think any of them is the worst, they all serve their purpose. It really depends on how the player uses them, and how the team supports their abilities.

    Yes you can say that Ichikawa's turret is a bit squishy, but... when placed correctly, in a corner, or near a wall, etc. where it is hard for the opposing team to get behind it to destroy it, it can be quite powerful and useful, especially on terminal maps.
  • SapphidiaSapphidia
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    Ishikawa is very binary. He's either -completely- useless or can single handedly lock down a point. Sadly, it's usually "is there a Batou" that determines this - arm launchers being able to oneshot his turrets will make him worthless. If you're playing Terminal Conquest and there's no Batou on the opposition though Ishikawa is one of the strongest.

    in terms of worst overall though, it has to be Motoko. Her skill is really good with green mods to make it harder to see or silence footsteps, but without them it's just flat out too easy to notice and in most cases is a "do nothing" placebo skill.
  • JoeMusashiJoeMusashi
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    For me it's between Motoko and Ishikawa. However, Ishikawa is useful to some extent on Terminal and Demo. I have yet to see an Ishikawa Turret actually do something borderline useful so Ishikawa wins my vote for most underpowered.
  • ThrashinuvaThrashinuva
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    It's definitely between Motoko and Ishikawa for sure, but I hesitate to give that invisibility as the worst grade, since it's given me precious split seconds to outsnipe my enemies.

    The turret can gun you down for sure, but it's so easily avoided it's silly. I think I'd say instead of giving it a search laser, just make the entire cone it's FOV and skip the search part of gunning entirely.
  • StarslainStarslain
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    Harsh I was really hoping motoko was good
  • GeneauxGeneaux
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    Meh, one could say Motoko is bad but at least it comes with a skill sync and it can throw off the aim of your opponents in a run-n-gun firefight occasionally.
    Ishikawa, as someone mentioned earlier, is binary. However, he's more often than not in the deep-end. His turret can get flanked quite often, and in the areas the turret has locked down, people may just go the other way, bank some well-placed perpendicular grenade throws off the wall, or wait for their impatient aggressors to advance into their line-of-sight instead. Or the turret might even just get outright decimated by a 'Tier 2' Rocket Launcher by a Batou player who spawned in roughly behind it.
  • AnduAndu
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    1.Motoko. I have to be completely blind not to see her cammo.
    2. Pazu - He can run - and so what. He dies faster than he runs (run with megatech blade is pointless on group because somebody will kill him after he take down somebody with blade)

    Ishikawa isnt worst - if no Batou in oposite team Ishikawa can set trap on demolition and point on Controll. Batou Arm Launcher can 1hit Tachkoma and sentry but it was designed not to one hit kill by arm launcher (I have got few special cyber parts that can one hit kill - so it means it should not kill by one hit.
  • darkswrdsmndarkswrdsmn
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    For me it is a toss up between Motoko and Togusa. Togusa's drones can be shot easily, very rarely go for targets of opportunity like turrets and tachikoma's and are easy enough to run from that they don't do much. Motoko's thermoptic camo could do with a slight buff, hiding from Saito's thermal radar (because it is THERMoptic Camo), but should only be able to be given to 1 or 2 other people so as to not limit the effectiveness of saito's skill.
  • CusashornCusashorn
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    I think Togusa's drones are annoying, but not useless. Even if you destroy them, they still explode. 9 times out of 10, by the time you shoot it, it's already close enough to kill you by the resulting explosion.
  • JoeMusashiJoeMusashi
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    Drones are more useful as scouts than killers.
  • JoeMusashiJoeMusashi
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    And two is better than one.
  • SaturnSaturn
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    Ishikawa, because most people do not understand how to utilize his turrets effectively. Otherwise, I would say Maven.
  • bumbertyrbumbertyr
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    id say all of the operatives have their strengths and weaknesses :)
  • Player48105Player48105
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    Imho Motoko's cloak feature is overrated by most players. In most instances i see cloaked players easily. just one of ten or fifteen players suprise me (for instance on a corner where i lost a second to realize the cloak).

    but anyway...many players use it and that's good for my KD-Ratio. ;)
  • CythrielCythriel
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    Ishikawa is definitely the worst. Turrets could use an upgrade... Maybe tier 2 should have rockets. The slow sweeping laser beam is a joke and doesn't match up with the high tech world the game is in.
  • arv0narv0n
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    I don't think the turret is TOO bad, if used correctly - if you make it stronger, nerf the HP or duration.
    @Cythriel's point of improving the targeting speed is great though: how about making the tier 2 turret lock on to targets much faster?
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    I only play Batou and about 40 minutes of Maven, only because I wanted the reward, never played any other again.

    I think that Saito is the most underpowered, because once he uses his ability, he has nothing. He may know where the enemies are, but that doesn't always mean he will take them out.
  • FelixFelix
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    When considering how the various abilities all tie together in Terminal Conquest, I'd have to say that Motoko's cloaking is about the least useful. The rest of the abilities range from very situational to good generic usefulness.

    Good placement of turrets are a great support when you focus combat around a point, but I can see how people might find them less than useful if they focus on TDM as their game mode.

    Saito - Limited usefulness due to scan times and frequency, but can be handy now and then before rushing in.

    Togusa - Drones are a great way to flush a cap zone in terminal before you go in, the lack of FF is nice if you get people chasing the drones. Shoot the player, drone gets you, shoot the drones, player gets you.

    Motoko - The cloak on this rarely hides a player, this had been my starting character, but I found the ability almost useless due to ineffectiveness of the cloak.

    Batou - A great situational tool, very frustrating to be on the receiving end during TC, but a great ability to counter others.

    Ishikawa - Often labeled useless, the turrets are a great support tool assuming fighting is going to be around a single area for a decent amount of time.

    Paz - A good tool to penetrate defenses. One thing I don't like about this ability is the unfortunate effect it has on hit detection, meaning bullets stop landing a good chunk of the time. The interpolation become very apparent as the speeds go up with this ability. Couple that last with the execute animation and you get a very annoying package. Hardly useless though.

    Borma - Lastly Borma, probably the best generic ability of the batch, especially when it comes to TC. There's nothing a group around cap point likes more than a Borma showing up to get them back up to 100% after fighting their way to a terminal. Counters for Borma being grenades, Batou, Togusa, shotguns, SMGs or anybody aiming for the head.

    To summarize, the only ability that isn't very useful would be Motoko's.