JOKE [Full Tactical Clan -MIC REQURIED]

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Hi Folks, DankShades here Recruiting for JOKE.

WARNING: Tactical Competitive Clan. WE GO HARDCORE ALL THE TIME.

A little about JOKE:
We are a gaming community that was formed from a game called Planetside 2, Stemming from our mantra of get gud and get gud all the time we have formed multiple e-sport branches in CS:GO, ELITE DANGEROUS, LEAGUE of LEGENDS and many more games after a very successful stint in Planetside 2. We recruit specifically for players who want to get gud. Any experience is fine as long as you have that winning mentality of improving 100% of the time and really emphasis on showing others how you're improving in any game we play. We play to win, not lose so it's all about getting good for us here at JOKE.m

Looking to recruit some folks for First Assault so we can have more players to dive up with. Requirements Below

1.0 KDR (I need mans who can atleast drop a man)
Has a MIC. (Stands for Microphone) We need to communicate in order to get gud.
Plays in AMERICA due to ping issues unless you think you can play on an American server; then that's ok to. (We play on American East and American West)
Willing to do team-play, I'm all about winning 100% of the time so we play to win, not lose.
Always trying to improve; there's a reason why our requirements aren't high; we are willing to work with you to make you a better player. Just bring the effort and mental toughness.

Please Post below if you like to join. We will add you to our discord by messaging you directly. Also provide your KDR below and state you have a mic. Otherwise we won't consider you.