Last Elimination kill with Sitara Drone bug

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It's nothing gamebreaking or even influencing gameplay, it's purely visual but at the same time it's somewhat confusing and silly.
99% of the time last kill on non-respawn mode like Elimination or Demolition is made with Sitara's drone, the victim will not die for the most part.
Victim's HP will stop at low number like 3 or 5 and round will be declared lost for his team due to every member of the team being dead which is confusing him and surrounding/spectating players because he's still standing, holding a weapon and having some health. This is not just a "local" bug, once it occurs it's same for everyone - all players will see given player as alive whilst match ends due to enemy team being wiped out.

Just wanted to report that one.


  • noppnopp
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    This also happended in 1.0 with seeker drone (in 2.0 too), so kinda old bug
  • MidlordMidlord
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    It happens with drones and turrets too, and I think I saw it with missiles but I'm not sure of that. I however never looked at the HP bar.