New Operative Idea: Medic

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I was thinking of a new assault operator that could actually heal teammates and help the team stay alive a bit more. Perhaps the medic could be the first female assault operative and she would have the highest speed but lower defense than the others. Unlike Borma, she would be able to heal team mates and be more support orientated where as Borma just seems like a extreme tank and mountain of a man. Her ability could be a deployable healing drone that creates a area where allies can heal over time while in it, or maybe she could look at her teammates and heal them one by one. The ability to see her team's health would make her feel more unique than any other operator but for balancing her heals could have long cooldowns or only restore hp and not armor. Having her as a assault class would fit best because is she was support than she would be limited to snipers which might make her stay too far back to heal her team consistently, while being a assault class would mean she can help push in and heal her team while trying to move up.
Any suggestion to add to this operative idea?
I think it would be a wonderful new character that would actually make me play assault classes way more since currently assault is my least favorite class of the three.


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    The assault classes are designed to be the tanks though. High HP and armor, and slow speeds. If you make an assault class have higher speed but lower armor than what already exists, then their stats will be pretty balanced right in the center, just where all the Support class characters fall into. It would make more sense to just have them be support at that point, especially with the idea of being able to see their teammates health and deploying healing drones.
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    While I like the idea of more team interaction it is clear that this game is more about egoistic solo play. Introducing some meaningful support that does matter for the team will jeopardize the rest of the characters that mostly provide little for the team. Even characters with skillsync that is supposedly The current team interaction.

    Not to mention that this will make team composition actually matter so if you don't have a medic than you will have a bad time, much like with any other role playing shooter like Team Fortress, Dirty Bomb and such.

    IMO if they started the whole skill sync business going they should facilitate it properly. For example Borma could be the very medic character but the problem is that his skill sync is on T2 which takes effort and time to get AND is limited to 3 people.

    If, say, his skill sync was active all the time but with much less effect (I don't mean that he was constantly healing, just that people can sync with him at any time even if he does not have any active ability), say just solely healing to full HP, then it would make a wonderful healing character. Kind of. I guess? With other characters it would get kinda confusing though.

    Or you could have like perma active skill sync that would let everyone use your T1 with timers and stuff? I dunno.
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    For this Idea to be implemented, Borma must be changed drastically... So basicly, Borma must only be able to regenerate AP and a little HP boost only... 'cuz currently Borma be able to work like a 'Paladin'... tanky and be able to heal everybody... Otherwise, why not :) If this idea somehow get implemented without changin' Borma like that, this could be nothing but a gamebreaking...

    And no skillsync ofc... And instead of a drone, it should be a fixin' robot with tank rails instead of a tires (same speed with T1 Togusa drone), as a healin' gimmick, it should be able to shoot a fast healin' electrical thing (for one and multiple) and after fixin' the player, it should be able to go for the next player... in tier 2, move speed should be same with the Togusa T2 drone, addition to the healin' electricity, it should be able to shoot some bullets to protect itself (only attacks to whoever attacks him ofc as a second priority, if the team hp is too low or someone is on the edge of death or so many team members around it, attack can be ignored...) & creates a healin' pulse which creates a pulsing circle every 2-3 seconds (similar gimmick with Saito heat sensor) to heal people for 50hp and emp effect enemies who gets cought in it ...

    As for the green chips, increase distance of the healin' electricity in tier 2, increased radius for the healin' pulse circle, more hp chip for robot & more time for robot should be pretty much ok for that operative...
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    I don't dislike your idea on its own and I definitely would love to see a female assault operative, but with how the game is now, this would just make it infinitely more frustratig than it already is.

    Assault classes are hard to drop as it is even without regen and shield, but imagine if the already high health assault operatives received healing on top of that.

    All that aside, I don't wanna see even more operatives with whacky powers that imho have no business being in a shooter until what we have now is better balanced or all we'll end up with is another frustrating meta to deal with.

    (also, and that's personal of course, but the last thing I want to happen is this game turning into Overwatch any more than it already has)