Best shotgun for Reiko

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Never used shotguns before and thought I'd try them . What do you think is the best shotgun + attachment for use with Reiko?


  • AnduAndu
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    870 or KSG

    about attachments - there is not so many options - but since reiko is closed range from netjump Id chose CBC1 or CBC2 - sight ofc Quick Point S2
    About Grip for KSG - there is no difference so you can get anything since there are too long breaks between shoots recoil wont be affected.
  • TheLoveDoktorTheLoveDoktor
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    It all really depends on your playstyle. Though, I would suggest the 870 in the pictured configuration:


    I would also recommend the USS 12, and the UTS is also good if you picked it up on sale.
  • VeldrinVeldrin
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    Be aware rocket dildo incoming for your Reiko.
  • Sky_CardisSky_Cardis
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    Be amazed how many Batous I killed using Shotgun Reiko. I pop out and fire and them and net jump and run. So even if I killed them and they got their rocket off, they wasted it. And if I failed to kill them, well they still wasted that rocket on their cheap point blank rocket.