Community Trailer - [FINISHED]

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Hellow fellow Ops!

Today DonRyuHelix and I (Kodaigan) finally finished the Community Trailer we've been waiting to make together with the entire community. We hope this video will bring as much enjoyment as it did bring to us. This was the very first video we tried to create professionally, the more videos we will make, the better they will get. So please forgive some parts of the video if you don't like 'em. Instead, why not let us know what you liked and didn't like? o/
Here is the video:

Youtube(NOTE: Due to some Copyright issues on youtube, the video is blocked in some countries. If so, please use the dailymotion link provided by scrolling down a bit):


Best Regards

PS.: This wasn't the last project. We are planning to do some more...Just look forward to one of our shoutouts! \o/


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    Wow thats pretty awesome! Great work everyone!