Cant get past language select screen

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so today i decided i wanted to get back into the game after my long hiatus and was super hyped to play when i saw the new version was live. but then this happened, i cant get past the screen to choose my language. i tried repairing the files, looking through the games files, repairing the install again, and then i looked everywhere for a similar problem to no avail. this really sucks and i hope it can be fixed, i waited 3 hours for the new update to install
i am using a Inspirion 13 5378 with Intel (r) Core i5-7200U @2.50ghz 2.70 ghz (no clue what that means) and an 8gb ram


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    A ) For a faster resolution so you can hopefully get playing again sooner (welcome back!), you should submit a CS ticket using this link.
    B ) One workaround you could try is launching through Steam, and seeing if that version has a functioning language select window.