Some words of advice for those just starting.


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    This is great. I'd like to add some more myself!

    Now, I'll admit I'm still only two days into this game, but from doing relatively well and having a lot of experience with other shooters, it seems clear that a lot of common FPS tips and know-how most definitely apply here!

    So with that said, here's some of my personal suggestions to hopefully help you guys become better at the game!

    - 1: Wear headphones, use sound at your advantage!

    Ever wondered how that guy always seems to know when you're about to run past that corner, only to gun you down before you have time to react? As tempting as it is to call "wallhacks!", chances are, he's heard your footsteps! Listening for footsteps is by far one of the best ways to know when an enemy is coming your way. This is true in many shooters - In Overwatch, Counter Strike, R6 Siege, and most definitely here, too! If you hear footsteps that do not belong to your team, find some cover and make sure you're ready to shoot!

    With that said, be mindful of your own sound too! Sprinting in shooters tends to leave the loudest footprint, while crouching tends to be quiet. If you're approaching a corner and you know the enemy's there, don't sprint in! Take it slow.

    - 2: Play Around Corners!

    Another fundamental of positioning in shooters, and it plays into the previous tip as well. Standing on the corner of a wall offers many advantage: The first being that it gives you a quick source of cover should something go wrong! Standing in the open is just asking to get shot. Therefore, when moving somewhere, stay close to a wall. Once you reach a cover, take a step to "peak" out into it and shoot whatever you find. If you can't kill them, just step back into cover! With that being said, since you don't want to spend too much time away from corners, you might want to consider sprinting between corners, especially when playing a fast and frail hero (like an infiltrator). Last but not least, if your opponents are experienced, chances are they'll be doing this too, so watch those corners!

    - 3: Crosshair placement.

    This is a topic that I've noticed in CS:GO more than any other shooter, but it's still quite relevant here. Crosshair placement essentially means how and where you place your crosshair when you can't see your enemy. The idea here is to have it closest to where your enemy is going to be when you see them! How do you do that exactly? Well, remember when I talked about corners? If your enemy is about to come through a wall, chances are they'll have to pass by the corner of the wall to get to you, and that's precisely where you should be aiming! As you move throughout the map, keep your crosshair close to corners where enemies might be hiding or about to storm through - this will ensure that you're ready to shoot as soon as possible! Another useful tip is to try and keep your crosshair around head or upper chest level, and to always be adjusting it as you move! This technique becomes extremely powerful if you combine it with the first tip - If you hear footsteps coming your way, keep your crosshair near that corner and shoot them right in the noggin' as quickly as possible! With enough practice, you'll be able to do this with such perfect timing that the enemies will be calling hax on you.

    - 4: Only aim down sights when you're about to shoot! (or holding a corner)

    Aiming down sights in shooters that allow it provides many advantages. It zooms in, increases accuracy, and significantly reduces recoil and weapon spread. However, it is not without disadvantages. Not only does it significantly slow you down, but it also reduces your line of sight, which might leave you unaware of enemies sneaking up on you! It also makes it harder to turn your head quickly, which makes you even more vulnerable to flanks. With that said, only aim down when you're actively shooting at someone, or if you're holding a corner and know an enemy is coming.

    - 5: Get familiar with recoil patterns.

    This is another mechanic often related to CS that is present here. Go to the shooting range (which you can do by going to the weapon screen, opening a weapon's mod screen, and selecting the Range), aim towards a solid wall, and empty an entire magazine without moving your mouse. You'll notice that, on top of simply having a wider spray, your weapon will tend to have a pattern. For the majority of weapons, the bullets will begin to move upwards as you keep shooting, then, once they've reached a certain height, they'll stop going up and instead begin to sway left and right. You can counter this by moving your mouse in the opposite direction of the pattern, keeping your bullets in the same area!

    Note that every weapon has a different spread pattern! Some might be similar to one another, while others will be extremely different, so make sure to take your new guns to the range first before you bring them out on the field! With that said of course, you don't have to always empty entire mags at once - short bursts can be useful to stay accurate, especially at longer ranges!

    There's probably a few more things I could add, but this should be a pretty solid list for anyone new to shooters in general. Hope that helps!
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    I'm a fairly new player myself. I've never modded the default ones. I saved up my gp and tried out every gun with attachments in shooting range before picking one. I used the weapons' stats and net discussions as light references because I know they don't represent everything.
    Throughout forums/net there are always people discussing about the best/op guns. But to me, if the gun doesn't feel right to you, you probably won't have a good time using or enjoying it, no matter how op it is.
    Somehow the default mouse settings also work well for me, which is kind of strange because in other fps games my mouse sensitivity is way up there.