Some words of advice for those just starting.


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    If anything, your ability to be patient, anticipate threats and remain calm are critical to success.

    Remember that there is an assist score for a reason. Keep yourself alive and deal damage to targets within range, never expose yourself unless making a direct assault with team mates.

    We've been exposed to a culture of run'n'gun gameplay where the mentality is to kill as many people as possible before you are killed. Careless regard for your own life and a desire for fast gratification leads to either a frustrating experience or an unsatisfying one.

    Most importantly take time to enjoy the game.
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    One thing I would like to add if it's OK. Make sure to have fun, I see a lot of matches go sour but it's still a game, a great game. Don't forget teamwork and communication if you're in demo and you are on a side that get's wiped let you're buddies know to watch their back. OK two things. XD
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    Find people to play and try new thing with them.
    I think one of the great thing in this game is that you can make much more as a team than a single player.
    Just think of a team with 4 turret + 4 maven shield.
    GL & HF if the enemy team doesn't have any Batou / scrambler
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    Great thread Shadowscall, Lots of great tidbits to take into consideration.
    Im still pretty noob here but, If I might add some points that I think will add to ones success.
    Keep in mind, these are just personal bits. use em, don't use em, whatever you wish
    - Mouse acceleration, I've always found it better to NOT use in any game I play. OFF is best setting
    - Using skills as often as possible
    - G-sync and full screen windowed mode
    - Use the map, I personally try not to let more than 5 seconds lapse before looking for reds.
    - I'm bad for this one, but fight the urge to run into a skirmish w/out CHECKING YOUR MAP.
    - Don't plant too early, try and wait till your team has the upper hand.
    That's about all that comes to mind at the moment.

    Thanks again Shadowscall.
    Hope to cross paths w/you sometime, ally/enemy, whichever.. It IS all about GLHF right?
    Cheers all
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    My own additions to this thread:
    1) Do not line up with your allies. Bullet penetration only works one way--through enemies. You can't shoot through your allies, but your enemies can sure as hell shoot through them to hit you.
    2) Know your angles. Know where people like to set up. Pre-look, pre-aim, and pre-fire if necessary.
    3) There's probably somebody on your flank. Maintain map awareness. In any game mode, if one of the lanes crumbles, you can bet at least one enemy will come flying through the gap.
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    Grenade tips
    - throw grenade far or up high not letting enemy run away
    - throw smokebomb to the enemy before runing to the point (easier to kill enemy in smoke than being killed by enemy in the smoke)
    - use throw scrambler on covering enemy to make him blind then attack (he will not see anything for few seconds if it explode under his legs)
    - on TC throw grenade in first seconds of match on the spots where enemy are likely to incoming you will surprise them.
    - on sniper spoting throw any granade to scary him and distract sniper

    Gun tips:
    - dont reload if enemy is near (hard to do)
    - while reloading if you see enemy and youre out of ammo while reloading switch to gun or knife and take him out
    - learn to reload when your ammo is lower than 8 (for SMG and AR) - its enough to kill at least one enemy on quite average aiming
    - while reloading if you spot enemy and still have enough ammo to kill him reswitch gun to cancel reload and take him out
    - dont burst - tap is the keyword - perform single or up to 3 hit shots because its the most accurate
    - look at the minimap for "loud" enemies and sneak kill them
    - if you see enemy on minimap dont run - slow down with crouch and take them silently
    - if you cant take down running with knife paz with gun try to knife him (its fun and a bit easier than taking serpentine moving)

    Map tips:
    use map against enemy:
    - throwing grenade right to the wall to reach behind his cover
    - throwing on the ceiling to scary enemy behind the cover you covering from the other side
    - if you notice enemy running straight on the one hallway try to find the way and get behind him if you are sure he hasnt seen you. (Easier to kill from behind than front killing face to face)
    - top places will give you advantage against enemies (PSS9 middle way on top taking enemies at the bottom)
    -bottom places are good to wait for enemy sticking out only head
    - climbing on the hard to reach places will make you quite invisible - enemies wont expect where you are hiding

    General tips:
    -strafe all the time with WSAD(360 degree) + crouch when youre waiting for enemy
    -try to reach team mate who is sharing interesting skill like (heatsensor, cammo, nanogel)
    - dont stay too close the window because everybody from the bottom may take you down easily
    - dont stay too close thermo optic wall (its easy to see where you are on feet under the wall or by shoting through the wall
    -dont place thermo optic wall with controler exposed to the enemy (try to place your wall not letting enemy reaching controller and take wall down)
    - use seeker drone right near the enemy to scary them
    - use seeker drone where you see more covering enemies nearby if one detonate your seeker drone his ally may die due to explosion if he hit seeker drone under their legs. and also you will distract them
    - if youre Batou - when youre closing to the places where enemy may be prepare arm launcher and get closer and hit on right moment
    - use wall and floor to make explosion with your arm launcher dont snipe or dont try to hit directly enemies.
    - if you surprised with arm launcher spoting close enemy/or enemies kamikadze them shot under their feet (you will probably die because of your arm launcher but enemy too)
    - run with pistol - its same fast as knife

    Gun build tips:
    - make build to the right DMG dont make it higher if you cant reach another DMG group :
    1) 24 DMG or less for 5hit to kill normal enemy (not exist yet)
    2) 25 DMG for 4 hit to kill normal enemy (mostly SMG and some AR') - if you have like 27 dont increase for making 30 - better lower it to the 25 increasing other stats like move speed you will still do 4hit
    3)34 DMG for 3 hit to kill normal enemy (mostly AR and some SMG) if you have 34 you can increase up to 37 using 3 DMG barrel then use CBC1 aim asistant that give you extra 3 DMG that makes you enter 4th group if you shot on the close distance
    4)40 DMG for 3hit kill nanogel enemy (c30, AK, F2020 and other guns that have possibility to reach 40 DMG using CBC1 or not)
    5) 50 DMG for 2 hit kill normal enemy (most of MG and using barrel and CBC1)
    - use Muzzle with -Detection range to reduce visibility on minimap to the nearby enemies
    - use right sight - dont use sight that covers you too many space on ADS - that may results of not seeing enemy because of hidden places by "FAT sight"

    Sniper tips:
    - quickscope only (seeking enemy on sight zoomed is a fail)

    SMG tips:
    - try to make build as fastest as you can - for getting possibility to speed killing and being hard to reach in run
    - make stability build for reducing recoil
    - avoid using sights like 2.0 or higher
    - use drum magazine for making reloading less times
    - perform running jump spraying on the enemies (practice on ranged shoting)

    AR tips:
    - accuracy is the most important for distant use
    - tap fire on distant enemies
    - the best scope is 1,4+ but taking 3,4 is too high due to recoil
    - on closest enemies do hipfire and dont waste time to scope them (perform up to 4-5 hit shots)

    SG tips
    - pick SG only on shortest maps with short hallways
    -stay only on closed places like short hallways, passages, stay away from opened places because youre defenceless there.
    - when you have to reaload be carefull for incoming enemies (prepare to shot while realoading - you still can do that without reswitching guns
    - Aim DownSight avoid using hipfire

    Chip tips:
    - read description before you use the chips.
    - stacking same option will be effective but think about negative options
    - (not remembering the chip name) stack chip that will make enemy recoil on every your hit
    - on demo use chips that will make you strafing faster

    Operative tips:
    - chose right operative to the map(my build):
    1)Port - Batou or Borma
    2)Dejima - Saito or Motoko
    3) PSS9 - Togusa or Saito
    4) Urban City - Motoko, Saito
    5) Dubing Site - Borma, Maven
    6) District Ruins - Borma, Motoko, Togusa, Maven
    7) Cyber Ward - Ishikawa, Borma, Saito
    8) Underground Base - Borma, Saito, Motoko
    9)Neon City - Saito, Motoko
    10) Headquarters- Saito, Borma, Togusa, Motoko
    I did not listed Paz because im not knive sprinter type player.

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    Andu said:

    Grenade tips

    - perform running jump spraying on the enemies (practice on ranged shoting)

    You mean... bunnyhopping? :(
  • AnduAndu
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    Well I have never played CS so excuse me I dont know definition of bunny hopping. Actually im hoping right before spraying not all the time - because it slows me down a lot.

    About training on ranged shoting - i mean perform running "through the door" and aiming enemy in the air on left or the right.
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    Look... At... The... minimap...
    I can't stress that enough, it's really about orientation and knowing your corners :)
    I hope to meet you in there!