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-The Forum Code of Conduct is currently being augmented to suit it's Operatives. Thanks for your patience.-

Greetings, Operatives. Thanks for joining us on the First Assault forums. As a unit, we would like to foster a friendly and safe environment for all of our Operatives. Whether human, cyborg or AI...We are a team. A team is at it's best when we all in Sync with the rules. Please review these guidelines on how to be a model Section 9 Operative for this community.

Community Manager/Game Masters/ Developers
- Just as the Major leads Section 9, the Community Manager is your squad leader... and it is at their discretion to enforce the rules.
- Please be respectful to all Nexon and Neople representatives.

Posting Rules and Regulations
- Operatives who are professionals in their fields avoid using foul language on the forums.
- Work well with others... Operatives never harass/flame/troll their fellow teammates.
- True Section 9 Operatives do not make racists, derogatory, threatening comments towards their fellow teammates.
- Competent Operatives always provide constructive feedback and respectfully disagree with others.
- Naming and shaming is not permitted. Operatives should always report abusive behavior using the in-game reporting tool and/or the support portal.
- Only rookies post inappropriate images on the community forums...

- We combat cyber terrorism... NOT encourage it! Do not post any malicious links on the forums.

Forum ID
- As a professional, you should keep your forum name free of inappropriate names.
- Inappropriate forum IDs will result in a name change picked by the Community Manager.

- Do not create multiple threads of the same topic or discussions to overwhelm the forums.
- Bumping (repeated posting on a thread to keep it going or visible) is also not allowed.
- Necro-bumping is not permitted.

- Please post topics in their appropriate region/language sections.
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