[PLEASE READ] Debugger, NGS, and AVG issues

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Hello Operatives,

We're aware that some Operatives are having issues running and playing First Assault for more than five minutes. There currently are compatibility issues with AVG Anti-Virus and the game. At present, we'd like to kindly ask that any Operatives running into this problem please first try the following steps before posting:

1) Please try whitelisting GAME.EXE, the game's folder, Steam, and the Nexon Launcher in your anti-virus

2) Please add GAME.EXE, the game's folder, Steam, and the Nexon Launcher to the Windows Firewall's exception list

3) If the first two steps don't work, please try temporarily disabling your (AVG) anti-virus and running the game's programme again

While they sound like relatively simple steps, several users have reported these steps resolving the problem. If you are having trouble finding the game folder, please see this thread on the Steam Forums.

If you have taken the three aforementioned steps and still have the same error message come up, please submit a ticket with CS..
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