[FAQ] Updated Known Issues and Questions

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Greetings, Operatives! Here are current known issues & FAQ. We will continue to update and track issues through this thread.

• Signature Skins Crate #2 shows up on the Marketplace through Nexon Launcher but it cannot be purchased.

• Running AVG with the game causes this message to appear: “A debugger has been found running in your system, unload it from memory and restart your program.”
- Please disable AVG to get around this. We are working with AVG to get this fixed as soon as possible.

• Released the game on Steam to be available in Latin America (not available on Nexon Launcher).

• We are aware and looking into the bug where your KDR will not appear in-match even if the option is on.

I’m having technical issues with the game. Can you help?
Yes. The best way is to get direct support is here:

When will the game have a PvE mode?
At the moment we’re focusing on making the best PvP experience possible. However, we have begun development on PVE, but cannot provide an exact timetable as of yet. We are excited to expand the game with new modes and PvE is something we know the community has been asking about.

Are there any plans for controller support?
Currently, there is partial controller support. We are still working on fixing some of the bug with controllers.

When is voice chat coming?
The back end system has been implemented and is currently being tested. We will look to enable voice chat shortly after Open Beta.

Why aren’t my level up rewards kits not unlocking?
With Open Beta, we revamped our level up rewards system. Please view the full blog here:

You may have noticed some reward kits in the Level Up Reward page. These kits reward random amounts of GP and were created to balance out the new changes to the level up curve and rewards. If you have already passed the levels for these kits, the previous GP reward amount is similar to the amounts these kits give away. Thusly, these kits were excluded from the level reward given to early access players as that would give an extra amount of GP to those users. All weapons, chip packs, skins, and boosters have been awarded to players who have reached the requisite level.

Why did I lose EXP after the July 27th patch?
Along with the revamped level up rewards system, we also shortened the leveling curve and decreased the EXP required for each level. You’ll be able to level up much faster now, and thus, we had to adjust all pre-Open Beta players’ EXP to match the new leveling curve.
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