[PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING] Guide to discussions

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Greetings Operatives!

This area of the forums is to help troubleshoot any potential issues you have in game via the help of other Operatives.

This is VERY important:
In order to help keep the forums lean and mean from too many double, triple, or even quintuple posts, PLEASE make sure you use the search bar to see if anyone else has already posted about the topic you would like to discuss BEFORE starting a new discussion.


Please be sure to check all pinned threads in the Operatives Helping Operatives section before posting. The most common questions and requests for help already have answers of some kind.

When creating a discussion (thread) please add a helpful and descriptive title. Poll of pistol usage or [Poll] Pistol usage is a helpful title for a thread with a poll on how much Operatives use pistols. USELESS AND COMPLETELY UNRELATED TITLE is not a helpful title for a thread on Operatives using pistols.
Please also try to be as constructive as possible when creating your thread. If you're including a poll, please make your options clear and concise. The idea is to get a general consensus of Operatives' opinions, not confuse them to get inaccurate results.

Helpful poll:

Unhelpful poll:

Please do not report bugs in this section, please do so in the Bug Reporting Section of the forums. If you encounter any potential exploits, please refrain from posting them on the forums all together and please submit a ticket to Nexon America CS through this link:
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