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Greetings Operatives!

As we progress through OBT, many Operatives will have suggestions and feedback about First Assault and we want to keep Section 9 HQ clean and efficient otherwise, Batou will get upset about having to clean up after rookies.Here's a short guide on how to post suggestions and feedback.

Before taking any action: use the search bar! You may be surprised to know that the forums have loads of discussions on a wide array of topics. Chances are, someone may have actually already posted about it, it's a simple and easy step to take and keeps the forums in tip-top shape; no natural oil required.

Your new best friend after me, of course

This subforum is for posting:
Suggestions for future gameplay or content in a constructive format to be discussed.
Suggestions should be of implementations in the future. Suggestions should be brief and to the point, without going off on a tangent.

Feedback in a constructive format, discussing current or past features or gameplay.
Feedback should be of current gameplay or content (such as what you like or dislike about a new map or game mode) unless the topic already has a dedicated feedback thread.

Bug reports go in their own subforum, please be sure to read the guide for bug reporting before posting.

Technical issues can be posted in the Operatives Helping Operatives subforum. Other Operatives can contribute their experience and advice there, however, if you're unable to get an answer that helps, please submit a ticket to Nexon America CS through this link:

When creating a discussion (thread) please add a helpful and descriptive title. Poll of pistol usage or [Poll] Pistol usage is a helpful title for a thread with a poll on how much Operatives use pistols. USELESS AND COMPLETELY UNRELATED TITLE is not a helpful title for a thread on Operatives using pistols.

Please do not title your thread with tags such as [FEEDBACK], [SUGGESTION], or [MEGATHREAD] as these are reserved for official threads only.

Please also try to be as constructive as possible when creating your thread. If you're including a poll, please make your options clear and concise. The idea is to get a general consensus of Operatives' opinions, not confuse them to get inaccurate results.

Example of an helpful poll:

Example of an unhelpful poll:

Lastly, different Operatives are likely to have differing opinions. Just as you can only fit so many Tachikomas in a hangar before they develop minds of their own and drive everyone insane, please remember to keep your opinions constructive and positive. Just because you disagree with another Operative does not give you license to insult, flame, troll, or harass them. Always remember to follow the Forum Code of Conduct and remember, we combat cyber terrorism, not engage in it.
LumosNXA said:

- Operatives who are professionals in their fields avoid using foul language on the forums.
- Work well with others... Operatives never harass/flame/troll their fellow teammates.
- True Section 9 Operatives do not make racists, derogatory, threatening comments towards their fellow teammates.
- Competent Operatives always provide constructive feedback and respectfully disagree with others.
- Only rookies post inappropriate images on the community forums...
That's it, good luck out there Operatives. Make Tachikoma proud.
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