Planned Features 10/21 UPDATE

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I figured I'd start a thread containing the planned features that the devs have talked about. That way people who just arrived don't need to worry about the making another thread for asking about testing weapons before buying, etc.

What you will find here is just a simple list of features that have been confirmed to be in development. I don't have release dates, nor do I have sources for all of them because it's a pain to look through all of the past streams.

Please note that these features, while they have been acknowledged to be worked on, do not have release dates.

Will update with more features as they are mentioned/as I remember them.

Current planned features:

- Netcode/optimizations (pretty much always being changed)

- Riding Tachikomas (WAY in the future)

- Tachikoma customization will expand to have more features, and parts will cost GP in the market

- PVE (supposedly mission/story based)

- Voice chat

- The bomb site indicators in DEMO mode are getting adjustments to be less intrusive

- more guns and attachments

- competitive and spectator mode to some capacity

- sticky grenades

- arm suit mechas are coming at some point, but we don't know how/in what form

- weapon sell back feature

- chipsets pertaining to skills will no longer have drawbacks

- more operative skins

- getting rid of hidden damage stats on snipers

- maps being added to different modes

- new MVP screen

- new DLC (probably always going to be worked on)
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    We actually were thinking about some megathread(s) to lessen the redundancy of topics.
    Cool that you started one. :)
    I guess i will pin it for now and maybe add some to the list myself later!
  • LouiselotteLouiselotte
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    Good to know, just figured I was seeing a lot of repeat topics popping up so I thought I'd try and help out a bit.
  • FluffycorgiFluffycorgi
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    Riding tachikomas!!!!!!! Patient waiting and counting the days!!!!
  • VenkmanVenkman
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    Yea lots of repeats, its hard to condense everything when we do this in our free time. Thank you for being proactive though of course @Louiselotte !
  • MidlordMidlord
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    Reselling weapons and mods (And licenses?)
  • NakitaNakita
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    More skins options and skins you have to earn to missions?

    resell of mods?
  • MlitsMlits
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    @Venkman @xochild @Reijiphantom @Hakurei @Cusashorn @LumosNXA

    Any chance to see the sprint toggle in the game ? I suffer from tendinitis at the moment and it is a nightmare to play this game, looking for a way with my keyboard software but it is not a long term solution :(

    Sorry my bad english :$
  • LouiselotteLouiselotte
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    @Mlits I don't quite understand what you mean when you say sprint toggle, but I can say that I haven't heard anything of the sort be mentioned before. Perhaps it would be best to request a feature in a new thread and describe it in a bit more depth, as this one is meant purely for informing people of features that have already been confirmed.

    Also, there is no need to tag the moderators, as they check the forums regularly (I tagged them to let them know that I was making a thread for their convenience, but I'll be editing the main post soon to remove it).

    And no problem with your English ;)
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    Oh just looking at this list fills me with pride for the future of this game.
  • SakrielSakriel
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    Ok few suggestions to make this game much better.
    1) More maps. And yes people realy dont care you making from anime plot or no. ADD some realy small one for very fast combat (like ice world in cs go) everybody loves fast combat
    2) More game modes. Deathmach Last Man Standing or some kind hostmake "shotguns only" "pistols only" "knifes only" mode...
    3) PVE with bots. Yes making actual good AI are pretty hard for you, but in some kind of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (with mechs), this mode was completly awesome.