Cyber Sentry

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I made a quick video on Cyber Sentry basics and ways to use it if anyone is interested.



  • RockuURockuU
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    Good video! I hate those damn sentrys with passion!

    Not so much because they are a threat, but they really slow me down when i have to deal with it! And if i start to shoot it, the owner pops out shooting me.

    Its not a killer, it denies an area for the enemy.
  • HeartHeart
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    Very insightful video! =)
  • MidlordMidlord
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    Ishikawa, like Maven, is a very underrated operative. Several times I've found well placed turrets making things very hard for my team. Even yesterday in Neon Ruins, some very good Ishikawa player, placed them just in the right spots that they were a proper pain in the ass and forcing me to other areas because it was impossible to try getting past or around them.
  • SteveDinoSteveDino
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    I disagree on your point that the camera chip is useless, especially in demo, where you can use the camera on your sentry to effectively watch two points at once. I agree that its unfortunate that you lose your map, but for the info you lose from the map you can gain from a well placed sentry. I've been able to sneak up and exploit an enemies position countless times based off of the view I get from the camera sentry, and it also helps give you the ability to watch two directions at once.
  • ReijiphantomReijiphantom
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    Good tips!

    Concerning placement I'd say that every place where you can shoot people in the back on a longer lane is a good spot. If you see a door, don't point it at the door, but place it next to the door, pointing away. Place it in such a way that people need to cross a long distance to get behind it. It's also very nice to have it cover a spot that people tend to run to for cover after they've taken damage. Be careful with your placement because a tenth of an inch could mean the difference between very useful and completely useless.

    What I also love about the sentry once you've gotten used to it is that it mainly kills the higher level players. New players are scared off and try to avoid it, but people who've been in this game a longer time know it takes a while to lock on and get cocky. :P
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    camera may be very usefull for snipers. Not only to protect but also alert the enemy approaching from behind