Players looking for teams/clans: post here!

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Are you looking for a team? A band of cybernetic brothers and sisters to cause trouble with? Cohorts to indulge your violent fantasies as you wipe out cyber-terrorists left, right, and centre? A club peppered with lonely hearts? Then post no further!

In order to help individual Operatives that are looking for teams or clans to join and can't decide on one based on the Clan, League Directory, this thread will help the following:

Recruiters: click on the little star in the top right-hand corner of the screen to favourite this thread. Doing so will cause notifications to come up beside your profile avatar every time an Operative posts that they're looking to be recruited!

Operatives in need of recruitment: post a comment below stating your IGN, what server you play on/prefer, if you're looking for a partner for a few hours, etc!

This should help streamline the recruiting process and create some healthy competition amongst the clans and teams to acquire fresh bloo-I mean new recruits!


  • KusanagiKusanagi
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    IGN: Kusanaagi
    Server: American Empire West

    I'm looking for a team to be apart of! I'm interested in participating in future tournaments and/or clan battles.
  • Bullit19Bullit19
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    looking for a team.
    IGN : maTAka
    any server
    playing thermoptic and heat seeker
    agressif and support
  • SergeiPavlovSergeiPavlov
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    LT Pavlov reporting in.

    I'm looking for a group of mature players on the EU West server.

    IGN: SergeiPavlov
    Steam: Sergei Pavlov
  • MurderlncMurderlnc
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    Active average player looking for casual clan to team up and grind
    with discord or Team Speak.
    Add me in game or in here!!
    Hit me up with more info!!!
    Happy Hunting

    IGN: Murderlnc w/L
    any server
  • OrchidnaOrchidna
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    hiya! <3 Orchidna hereee!!

    looking for lotsies friends to chat, laugh and play with!! soo!! looking for a clan who actively plays!! i don't mind which server and i play multiple hours everyday!! ^-^

    i don't usually use teasmspeak or anythings like that since i'm rather shy and it seems unnatural to chat on a phone kinda like thing!! ( / - \ )

    IGN: Orchidna
    Teamspeaker: Nyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Server: EU East/West , American Empire East (Usually, But any is fine!!)
  • ArcadeAhriArcadeAhri
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    Steam: iArcadeAhri
    Server: AEE

    Decided to look for a competitive team to join. Requirements will be discussed ingame or through steam.

  • PrymalPaynPrymalPayn
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    Server: european

    LF above average portuguese clan
  • P4prik4P4prik4
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    Steam: zwsnipboy
    Server: AEE

    Would be interested in participating in this tournament:
  • sumo377sumo377
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    IGN: sumo377
    Steam: sumo377stucki
    Prefered Character: Saito
    (I also have Motoko and Paz)
    Prefered Weapons: I work with the M4 and the unlockable shotgun, I'm also a decent sniper
    Server: West American Empire
    I'm looking for a clan/group that can have fun and also help me get better at the game itself.
  • ItsTylerItsTyler
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    IGN: Tyler
    Server: West/East (USA)
    Looking for a group of players to play with. Im 18+. Expect you to be the same :)
  • KriztykeKriztyke
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    IGN: Kriztyke
    Discord: Kriztyke#3653
    Prefered Character: Ishikawa and Saito
    Server: European Union

    Swedish speaking players to team up with in speak
  • xInsidiouSxInsidiouS
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    Hello everyone,
    My ign is xInsidiouS.
    Playing with a 2+ k/d
    At the moment im on the EU server, but i have no problem to play on another one.
    Im looking for a team/ or some players which are interested to build up a team for some tournaments and to destroy the public lobbys.
    You can add me in the game or masse me right here.
    its important for me to use teamspeak because of communication.
    Hope you get interested :)
  • DaBIGbangDaBIGbang
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    Looking for an extremely competitive clan. I have teamspeak, discord, and Skype along with my mic.
    I am level 26 player
    Have all characters unlocked
    1.23 kdr
    Specialize with heat sensors and the uss 12 shotgun.
    I play anywhere from 1 to 8 hours daily.
    And I am literally the expert at demo.
    I have been a clan leader and also participated in the #1 clan in several FPS games such as warface.
    22 years of age, and ready to win.
    West coast server.
  • SgtRicoSgtRico
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    IGN: SgtRico
    Steam: SgtRico
    Preferred Character: Motoko/Batou
    Preferred Weapons: KH-417/DeathStalker EVO
    Server: NA East/West
    Discord: Rico #2840
  • HikariHisayeHikariHisaye
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    IGN: HikariHisaye
    Server: West/East American Empire (Preferred East American Empire)
    Characters Efficiency: Maven and Motoko
    Weapon Proficiency: Basically any gun I can get my hands on
  • RayfireRayfire
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    Server: American Empire west/east

    Looking for a team a organized guild, clan, or group or any such team forming.
  • ShagmeisterOGShagmeisterOG
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    IGN: ShagOG98
    Steam: Shagmeister
    Discord: Shag#6535
    Server: American Empire East

    I'm looking for a fun, relaxed team to play with. I'm a bit of a casual player but I also don't mind playing competitively either. VC is no problem.
    I usually play with Togusa/Ishikawa/Kuro and my gun proficiency lays with SMGs and ARs, usually playing with either an AK47 or a DeathstalkerEVO. I like doing tactical plays. I'm a decent player.

    Hit me up if you want me in your clan!

  • uZiPsyCHouZiPsyCHo
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    IGN: uZiPysCHo
    Steam: -pitbull- (
    Servers: EU (9ms)/ America East (38ms)
    Discord: uZi#7504
    About me: Hi I'm a London based, mature, somewhat casual but more than decent gamer, I do try to be on as often as possible but unfortunately RL gets in the way sometimes
    Preferred Weapons: AR/SMG
    Current Operatives: Saito, Paz, Motoko & Maven
    Preferred Game Type: Demo - I'm primarily an objective focused gamer

  • AquaaAquaa
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    Hey, I'm looking for a team.
    IGN: AquaaAU
    Server: Australia (Will play on either of the AEs if nobody is on Australia)
    Weapon of choice: K22

    Oh, and my Discord is Keiru #6047. I used to have #0321, cri.
  • XAlternativeXXAlternativeX
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    Server:East/West (USA)
    Looking for a team to be apart of for tournaments and clan battles.