Players looking for teams/clans: post here!


  • JohnnyChimp0JohnnyChimp0
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    IGN: JohnnyChimp0 the o is a zero
    East USA
    Using PAZ mostly. Run and gun, can snipe. Old skool CS player
    18+up im old.
  • Kenshin1989Kenshin1989
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    IGN: Kenshin 1989
    Steam profile link:
    Server: Europe
    Characters: Motoko only (4 vouchers still unused)
    Weapons: SC-AR 45 Fully moded / SA50 Fully moded
    Screen of the weapon stats:

    Looking for cz/sk or ENG players to have some fun and premades and just destroy the enemy players . Curently level 16-17.
    Write me on steam or ingame.

  • Frostinov2KFrostinov2K
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    IGN: Frostinov2K
    Server: European Union
    Looking for a team to play with, i am seriously a good player and i've been called a hacker so many times lol.
    605 Kills, 1.75 KD Ratio so far.
  • koyoteskoyotes
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    casual player looking for to team up and have some fun prefer mg ,sg ,and sniper
    american west or east servers
  • DigitalBaconDigitalBacon
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    Yo, Bacon here,

    EU player that's looking to play with and against people for fun and extend the enjoyment of the game.
    Generally us AR's and play with motoko or Ishikawa.
    I regularly stream as a hobby (just saying in case that's a problem for anyone)

    IGN: DigitalBacon

    Feel free to hit me up :D
  • J0hnnyCJ0hnnyC
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    IGN: J0hnnyc * the 0 is a zero incase you can't tell *
    Server: US EAST
    Position: Rifle - M4A1
    - I have a working headset with Mic -
    Looking for a team to play with and have fun.

    I am over 18 with a full time job.. Respect me and I respect you.
    I am normally on from 6PM to 11 PM Mon - Fri ( Any time on weekends )

    Also hit me up on steam if needed. Steam ID: Devoured
  • Ghost1175Ghost1175
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    IGN: Ghost1175
    Current Rank: 11
    Steam ID: MEWDS Hijack
    Discord: MEWDS_Hijack
    Server: EU
    Character: Motoko Kusanagi (The Major)
    Availability: Frequent Player (Mostly Everyday)
    Favourite Game Modes: Team Deathmatch & Terminal Conquest (Will play Demolition if needed too)
    Playstyle: Aggressive or Tactical (I can switch play styles if the team requires me too)
  • MoistSenpaiMoistSenpai
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    IGN: DebaucherySenpai
    Current Rank: 17
    Server: EU
    Character: Maven
    Availability: Weekends
    Playstyle: Hyper Agro
    Experience: Competed in a lot of FPS leagues, ESEA, Faceit, WOGL, ESL
  • BKinThisBishBKinThisBish
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    IGN: JohnnyChimp0 the o is a zero<br />
    East USA<br />
    Using PAZ mostly. Run and gun, can snipe. Old skool CS player<br />
    18+up im old.
    xInsidiouS wrote: »
    Hello everyone,<br />
    My ign is xInsidiouS.<br />
    Playing with a 2+ k/d<br />
    At the moment im on the EU server, but i have no problem to play on another one.<br />
    Im looking for a team/ or some players which are interested to build up a team for some tournaments and to destroy the public lobbys.<br />
    You can add me in the game or masse me right here.<br />
    its important for me to use teamspeak because of communication.<br />
    Hope you get interested :)

    still no clan?

  • SkieFalkorSkieFalkor
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    IGN: SkieFalkor
    Current Rank: 14
    Server: EU
    Character: Mostly Paz, but also have some others
    Availability: Everyday
    Experience: CS, BF3, WoT and other non FPS games

    Searching for English/Russian lang. speaking team