Players looking for teams/clans: post here!


  • Crazy_AlexCrazy_Alex
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    Deutscher Clan sucht noch weitere Spieler !!!
    Du suchst eine Gruppe zum zocken und bist 18+
    hast Teamspeak³ und ein funktionierendes Headset.
    Dann schau doch mal vorbei. Wir suchen noch weitere Mitspieler für ein Gutes Zusammenspiel.

    Charaktäre : egal
    Gerne könnt Ihr mich auch adden:
    Steam: Alex-N-1804
    InGame: EliteSoldier

    oder Melde Dich einfach bei uns auf dem Ts³ IP =
  • Nomex_GNomex_G
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    I am Nomex in game and I am play in the "American Empire East" region.

    I am a mature (cut my teeth on Pong... when it was the only real game in town) business owner in the security field with limited gaming time.

    Because my gaming time is limited, it is precious to me, and therefore I look to enhance my experience by surrounding myself with "good people" while playing because it's the best way to maximize your fun and in game profit.

    I do have the freedom to mostly (life and business providing of course) schedule my time.

    I am looking for other mature (not age dependent) gamers who appreciate real teamwork, communications, are no drama, can accept responsibility for their actions, and want to grow a team together.

    Please PM me or contact me in game and we can play a few matches to see if there is a fit.
  • Bullit19Bullit19
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    Hi all
    in game name is maTAka, i'm an old Counter-Strike player. So i have some skill and discipline to join a Team. Need to perfect map knowledge but i'm ready to operate .
    Playing from France on any GITS server with a good ping ( 15 to 25ms maximum) . I play MOTOKO

    hope to hear from you
  • RealBoxFoxRealBoxFox
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    IGN : iBoxFox
    Server :EU West
    K/D : 1,54
    Fav. Operator : Borma, Paz and Motoko

  • OniHarusameOniHarusame
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    Hello , I'm mostly a casual player. It will be nice to play with a team.
    I mostly play with assault characters, front line is what fits better to myself.
    IGN: Onikuma
    Server: East/Wast USA
    Discord: Oni#7239

  • ExoticZExoticZ
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    Hello! I'm ExoticZ, people usually just call me Exo.
    I have background of playing alot of other FPS games, I do have alot of experience and I usually get MVP of every random "Quick Dive".
    I'd like to find a team that can take the game as serious as I do.
    IGN: ExoticZlol
    K/D: 1.9-2.0 (Keep switching between)
    Server: European Union
  • dwaynaskydwaynasky
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    looking for romania ppl i came back again as always soo yea cine vrea sa joace cu mine sa vine
  • TheCutePandaTheCutePanda
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    IGN: CutePanda
    Steam name: acutepanda16
    Server: American Empire East
    My favorite character is Maven, i prefer infiltrators and i try to help my team any way i can, i may not be the best at actual killing but i enjoy giving our snipers a therm-optic barriers for their safety and walling off entry points, always trying to think tactically.