Players looking for teams/clans: post here!


  • ZTony0525ZTony0525
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    edited February 23
    IGN: ZTony
    Server: American Empire East
    Preferred Character: Motoko Kusanagi

    Just play together and win
  • xKahxKah
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    edited March 3
    IGN: xKah
    Prefered Character: Motoko - (Saito,Togusa)
    Prefered Weapons: Seburo c30, Kh417
    Server: South America
    Language: PT-BR
  • AlmalexionAlmalexion
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    IGN: Almalexion
    Prefered Character: Anything you want !
    Prefered Weapons: Anything you need as long as that weapon is ready !
    Server: Europe
    Language: TR-ENG

    Let's play together & Let's do the missions together ! Let's help each other ! A natural All-Rounder ! Both Aggressive & Camper ! Assaulter, Distruptor, Kamikaze, Pointman, Bomber, Tactician & Sniper !
  • IilithIilith
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    IGN: iilith
    Server: either west or east US I have almost the same MS
    Im just looking to play with people who want to have fun and do well. Also 18 or over .