The Tournament thread!

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The most requested feature in-game is obviously the ability to customise the colour of your Tachikoma. Lies, it's actually clans and competitive play. While they're not currently implemented and no official tournaments are currently planned, we're going to try to help community-run tournaments find interest.

Here's a list of currently active tournaments:

First Assault Open Challenge

Occurring every weekend, the First Assault Open Challenge is organised by @InfinityGG on both American Empire and European Union servers as a mixed international tournament. Prizes may include NX, DLC packs, and other rewards.

Every Sunday

Registration deadline: Friday, 0:00 CEST
Check-in: opens 1 hour before tournament start time
Format: 6v6
Full rules available on official tournament thread:

Social Media:
Tournament Twitch Broadcast
Tournament Twitter
Tournament YouTube Replays
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