DEV Sync Up with Team Waffle #3

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Greetings, Operatives! Welcome to our third Dev Sync Up, where we answer hot topics and address major concerns within the community. Through these Developer Sync Ups, we hope to provide more clarity and transparency between the dev team and you, the community. As always, thank you for your support!

Hacking/cheating is something that we take very seriously. Improving our defenses against the main cheat functions as they are identified is critical to a healthy, fun experience. We are also working to expand our auto-kick system.

Players who use hacks/cheats within the game will have action taken against their account. This is not taken lightly and we ask that if you see any suspicious behavior, please contact our CS team to report it:

This is our top priority at the moment. Although these issues cannot be solved with an overnight fix, it is something we have been/are continuously working to improve. We do have a plan in mind and will be providing more information in the coming weeks as we test out these fixes and optimization.

Some inconsistencies with weapons values and stats, especially with sniper rifles, do exist. This can understandably be a cause of frustration for players. There will be an upcoming revamp to the internal notation method for elements that can change damage to ensure they reflect accurate values and stats.

In the near future, an update will be released that adjusts spawn protection to turn off upon firing your weapon. This is something that the community has been asking for and we feel that this is the best way to make spawn protection fair for all of our players. Our team will be monitoring player feedback when this change happens, so be sure to leave us your thoughts on the forums!

We have heard your feedback on the current weapon and skill systems and will gradually be implementing balancing of both. Weapon balancing and improving the shooting system will come first. More information will be provided as plans are finalized for balancing operative skills.

We are aware that our players feel that the time to kill is too low. Some of our future plans will have a significant impact on how the weapons will function and in turn, affect time to kill. We’re hopeful that our players will respond well to these changes, but as always, we’ll be keeping an eye on the forums to see what everyone thinks.

We hope that this helps to address some of your concerns with the current Open Beta. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them in this thread as we will be monitoring feedback as always. Thank you for your support, Operatives!
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    okay these are all good, but what about Player VS Engine Mode?......have been waiting for it for quite some time now.
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    Thank you for the communication Lumos, Im glad to see multiple points from my feedback list adressed in an official statement. I will update my thread once the fixes start rolling.
    Will there be a stream with devs where they could answer some questions and give more details?
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    MISERYtm said:

    okay these are all good, but what about Player VS Engine Mode?......have been waiting for it for quite some time now.

    This game has some serious problems that need to be solved...FIRST.

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    Your team needs to make weekly netcode updates & more hotfix's :-(
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    All I see here is good stuff :D
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    I hope you wouldn't mind me asking a question
    I know and love seeing you,guys,having your priorities set up,and i'd love seeing it curious the promised features post,i noticed the rideable tachikomas...i know it's far and i truly hope it isn't an issue that im asking for a feature that i may only assume is still on the drawing board,but still.....Have you planned how it will work,if i may-will it be kinda the tachikoma going on rails and you shooting from it with the option of deploying the tacticall devices (smoke,only smoke so far,but it's rumored that more tachikoma attachments are coming in the future) or will it be some sort of free movement...will anyone be able to use the tachikomas,or just the one who spawned it ,and will we have a nice animation window,in which the operator climbs from the back of the think tank,giving anyone the chance to stop him (every enemy,that is)
    Also,could it be a little bit of both-for instance the terminal conquest been more of "on rail-experience" and then a new gamemode revoking around tachikoma combat which is more open....i know that this is a lot to take in,and that it's sooooo....oo far in the future that asking it now may be a bad idea,but yet,im so curious to know what you have in store for us....

    ..We love you,keep doing what you do!
    Hugs,coffee,and lot's o' happines to y'all (not just devs,silly,you too,whoever you are! )
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    I feel TTK should be easy to fix by using a system already implemented in the game: Armour Protection (AP).

    In the lore, we see that characters are able to sustain a lot of damage before being knocked down, thanks to their cybernetic bodies. Increasing the effectiveness of AP seems like the best way to implement this concept in-game.

    I would double the effectiveness of AP across the board, while also adding a new Physical Chipset: Armoured Body = +20% AP -5% Movement Speed.

    This dynamic solution could allow players to "role-play" their operatives by giving Motoko 2 or 3 Armoured Body Chipsets, or none to Togusa, for example.

    AP could be made a static value, that doesn't decrease when damage is sustained.

    In the future, ammunition types could be implemented (something I would love to see). Some ammo types would cause damage to the AP value:

    Hyper-velocity rounds (HV) = Damage AP value by 50% of the weapon's damage.

    Armour Piercing rounds (AP) = Damage AP value by 25% of the weapon's damage.

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    To be honest, nothing new from this DEV Sync up. If somebody is watching all streams, then knows it since few weeks.
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    @ALightbringer I was the one who made that post. It was a list of all the features that were stated to be either in development or planned for the future. In the case of Tachikoma riding, that one is likely very far in the future.

    Perhaps not much new info, but it's good to have this all clearly laid out so that we're well aware of what the priorities are. As always, I appreciate the sync up and anything that gives us insight into your progress.