DEV Sync Up with Team Waffle #3


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    ... The problem is that it pushes other important things to the bottom of topics or discussions, or can derail discussions. Additionally, there are other things that are much more important that are being worked on/fixed.

    Don't get me wrong OPs, the team understands the want and desire for these things. They have not ignored or discounted your request. In fact, quite the opposite, they support and have said they are working on it and will be released in due time. We just all have to be patient and understanding that sometimes there are bigger things to fry to make sure that the game is where it needs to be by the time the team releases those cool features/game modes.

    In the mean time, it is really easy to set up a Clan via Discord, and also join the Discord channel for GITS. That link is here:

    I suggest using this app, it is a great way to be in constant real time communication with other GITS players & the GITS team. Additionally it is a great way to organize your Clan or group of friends and keep in communication with them. Though it is not an in-game solution, it's an option. Just trying to help out :)