Developer Q&A with Team Waffle

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Greetings, Operatives!

In an effort to increase transparency and openness with you all, our community, we are excited to open up Developer Q&A threads!

In this thread, please place your burning questions to send to Team Waffle. Please read any previous comments to avoid repeated questions.

Once we have collected a decent amount of questions, they will be sent to the dev team for their answers. Their answers will then be posted here in this thread as a comment.

Thanks and we look forward to all of your questions!


  • TheLoveDoktorTheLoveDoktor
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    To Team Waffle,

    I would first like to express my amazement with how far this game has developed in a year - it's really astonishing! Keep up the good work!

    Anyways, here's my question:

    Is there any plans on more GitS related Vehicles like the Jigabachi helicopter or generic think-tanks being in the game? I know you guys are working on more Tachikoma integration, but it would be great to see what you guys have planned on this- Whether it be on just Tachikoma development or anything else!

    Thank you!

  • KusanagiKusanagi
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    Hello Team Waffle,

    When will the netcode issues be addressed?

  • xeroslashxeroslash
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    What is the current plan on increasing TTK, as referenced in the last Sync-Up ( When would such changed be implemented if it's currently in the works?
  • P4prik4P4prik4
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    Mostly want the PTS so we can test a lot of small number changes to weapons/chipsets/skills. but mostly weapons atm.
    Example: the old tachikoma that had a 20 second hack time which was dreadful. 10 second was a nice change. that sort of thing goes a long way. the state of weapons right now are on par with the 20 second tachikoma hack.

    first things for me are:
    Time To Kill
    Recoil and spray patterns
    Ability to customize games by weapon type, level restriction etc
    sniper rifle diversity (and adding sway).
    Headshots (for select wpns a non lethal headshot would disrupt your screen like so: )for about 0.5 to 1 second.

    Better pricing model, more skins.
    Try to pit new player vs new players so as to give them a better first impression

    New Modes
    (Saito can always be in the back of our minds incase we find a great solution out of the blue)
  • iSungiSung
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    Give me the everything related to plans with clans and clan war or competitive aspects to ghost in the shell.
  • ConeCone
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    Hey, Team Waffle!

    Will there be a price rework on attachments/weapons?
    Are you going to implement more game modes that uses the Tachikomas other than Terminal Conquest?
    Are there any plans to rework all of the maps and make them feel more like they belong in GiTS?
    Can we expect more Seburo weapons in the future?
    Will you be improving/rework the shooting range?
    Any updates on the hitreg and netcode?

    Keep up the good work, Waffle :D
  • niteraider13niteraider13
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    so far im a fan of this game since after the beta we do need to throw a clan war system who would consider them selves to be the best . Is there also going to campaign mission ?

    Keep us inform and keep up the good work, waffle
  • ArcadeAhriArcadeAhri
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    Hello Team Waffle,

    Around what Quarter should we expect PvE/Clans to be launched?
    Dis said that there are many weapons and maps being withheld and slowly released on the stream today, how do you plan on diversifying them?
    Will the hitbox system ever be made server sided instead of Hybrid P2P (Peer2Peer)? In it's current state it's way to beneficial for players who can abuse their connection to kill you without receiving punishment.
    Will Saito get a revamp with his skill? (It's still too strong for an FPS no matter how much you increase intel requirement currently)
    Will the current Terminal Conquest maps get a overhaul as well? Currently they are biased for Ghost B (If needed I can provide screenshots and or video for clarification purposes)

    Ahri ~
  • HilliHilli
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    Hello Team Waffle,

    How do you think is chipset system right now ?

    Do you any plans to add more chips for the abilities to have a greater selection to customize it ?
    when you don't know what I mean check out this link :

    When will the great netcode fix come ?
    In the past we had two phases in that the game was really awsome, december and the hotfix after the Open Beta release, what was in this phases other than now?

    What about the clansystem?
    We asking for a clansystem since december, I know it's just a feature and balancing and a right performence have the highest priority, but now we are on a point where the left more and more players, a clansystem will help to keep them in First Assault.

    In one of the last streams Lumos and Disrespect was talking about the ability balancing, what kind of changes will come ?

    In the moment it's wayne to fire with a gun from 5 or 50 meters it's always the same demage, will we have in the future a greater demage drop off and will the headshoot multiplier
    nerfed, so that only weapons with more than 40 demage are able to do a one shoot headshoot?

    Will in the future a 5 vs 5 rankmode incoming ?
    In the moment with this low player base will it make no sense, but when yes would it be nice to dive ,in a group up to 5 players, in a automatchmaking system and you have to pla on a from the system choosen TC or demo map. ( or other good objective oriented gamemods that will come in the future)
  • ALightbringerALightbringer
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    Salutations Team Waffle

    First,it's amazing how far you've come for just a year-Everything you''ve done so far is amazing!
    Aside of the netcode and tachikoma riding,which were going to be my first questions (but someone beat me to it) i am wondering...will we see more melee weapons in the game-i love the animations...and i can't help,but dream of an telescopic baton-ish kind of weapon...anyway,sorry for bothering you...
    Stay frosty!