Developer Q&A with Team Waffle


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    Will we be able to see more of the scopes available across all weapons of the same type like ARs for instance? Some weapons have a certain scope that others do not have.
    We plan to expand with a variety of, not just scopes, but other attachments as well. However, the development of other systems and contents are currently more important per our development timeline, so the development on this topic is being delayed a little.

    What do you think of the current Tachikoma AI system? Do you feel that they move too linear, or move a little too 'robotic'? Their decision making and movement doesn't resemble their advanced AI.
    Tachikomas currently play a supplemental role, not a crucial one, in TC modes. The AI and balance were thus intentionally set that way because of their intended role. If the AI were too powerful, it would interfere with the game play too much, ultimately hindering the intended PVP combat from playing out.

    The original trailer for the game (when it was still called First Connection Online) showed the Major in front of what looked like a Fuchikoma uncloaking its therm-optic camo. When and if we do, will we get to see Fuchikomas introduced into the game?
    They will first appear in PVE mode. We do have plans to utilize them in different modes thereafter.

    So I had always been wondering about the symbols that appear on your hand when you activate your skill. Your skill is in the middle and on each side there symbol of the seeker drone skill and what seems to be a heart rate chart on the other side. my question is, does this 'heart rate chart' symbol imply that there is a possible new operative with a new skill -presumably a revive-type one, similar to the one in Ghost Assault mode, or does it stand for something else?
    A "usage casting motion" is displayed upon using certain skills. Although this was a system created to emphasize the recognition that you are using the skill, a lot of players are expressing frustrations, and the dev team is seriously discussing this issue. This is not an element related to skills; but in terms of skill additions, we are planning to add diverse new characters.

    Will the Umibozu enemies appear in future patches?
    They are currently appearing as enemies (Kraken). However, this will be removed with the implementation of a system that displays enemies as Section 9 agents (your own character). But, we do plan on utilizing the Kraken character in other contents, so you will be able to meet them again.
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    LumosNXA wrote: »
    Here are the next batch of answers! :-)

    What are the 'Memory Cells' currency for?
    It is an upcoming currency obtained by selling duplicate items you don't need that you then use to purchase items.

    Will there be a way to allow enemies to see operative skins or some kind of way to 'show off' your skin? Because at the moment you can only display them to your teammates
    We are currently developing a system where the current character and skins in use are displayed to both allies and enemies. It will be implemented soon.

    Will there only be two grenade slots available? Will we be able to see extra slots in the future? Following up, what other types of grenades are going to be added in the future?
    We plan to develop various types of throwing weapons to equip on the 2 slots. We have no plans to expand the number of slots.

    Will there be better rewards for higher ranks because so far we just keep getting 20k and 20k?
    We do have plans to enhance that, and are thinking over proper reward levels.

    Are there any core features regarding gameplay mechanics that are going to be added in the future?
    There will be a lot of changes to the character system - but we can't give away too many details at the moment!

    Regarding the movement system, will there be different types of 'vaulting' style animations.
    We are currently developing a dynamic movement system.

    Have you considered adding customization for pistols and secondary weapons?
    We are only planning to provide skin changes.

    What are your takes on the melee system? Do you feel that insta-killing is a good idea?
    With the big risk, comes a good assessment of the satisfaction with success. Additionally, we are developing an additional system related to melee attacks.

    What do you feel about the current movement system, do you feel that it's fluid? Does it feel GitS? Following up, do you feel that the gameplay feels like GitS, does it bring that atmosphere whenever you play the game?
    We are aware that not only the movement system, but also the GitS elements are currently lacking. Just as we did in the early phases of development, we are putting a lot of thought into resolving the question of 'IP and gameplay element satisfaction.'
    Though we proceeded with development with a central focus on gameplay factors (shooting) during the early development of the game, we are now weaving in IP elements more proactively into the systems we are currently developing.

    Yes, Yes, AND YES!
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    Ayyyyyyy my long list of questions finally got answered. At least now we know that the devs acknowledge these issues. Now as for when they will be added in... that would perhaps be the turning point of bringing me back into the game.
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    We will see technical and graphics improvements like real fullscreen (because right now we have windowed borderless), DirectX 10/11, supersampling, cloth physics, etc.?
    We will ever see Havoc?
    Could you tell us more about previous art style (cel-shading) from early builds? Why you changed it?
    At this moment all players models have same hands, even with equiped skin - no matter it's Motoko's Signature or Borma, first person hand models are same for everybody. Can we expect changes in this topic in the near future?
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    On enemies as section 9 ops.. on one hand, nice; on the other, what will be done so we can distinguish them from our team mates?
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    I have a couple of questions about shotguns:

    -How does the damage calculation work? Is the listed damage per pallet, or for a number of pallets?
    -What numbers are we thinking of with the different modifiers (head/limb)?
    -How do you calculate the spread pattern?
    -Is there a mechanic in place that sometimes prevents us from shooting (like bullet graze or something like that), or is that just us not pressing our mouse button hard enough?

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    -Is there a mechanic in place that sometimes prevents us from shooting (like bullet graze or something like that), or is that just us not pressing our mouse button hard enough?

    Ya this looks to be intended.
    Way I see it there's grazing which is when bullets skim by and shake you a little causing your aim to pull in a direction.
    Then there's interruption, I assume that's a hit that briefly incapacitates you preventing you from firing, which on single fire weapons forces you to have to reclick LMB.

    I think the mechanic can exist but it definitely needs to be revised.

    Its yet another thing that reatly favors high ROF weapons.

    Idea: add a condition such that if you fired within the last 0.5 seconds you are now susceptible to a being interrupted for the next 2 seconds. Prior to having fired you are invulnerable to being interrupted. However are not invulnerable to having your aim get pulled. You can minimize this using the chipsets however.

    This would at least prevent you from being denied your first shot.

    Maybe a perk for the shotgun and sniper weapon class could be to receive antigrazing stat built into the class, it would stack with chipsets but not pass a max value.

    That said snipers would need to no longer be able to kill by shooting limbs... Since atm the interrupt is a way to help automatic weapons deal with the powerful snipers.

    I'm curious too if stability reduces grazing and such too. What exactly is stability? is it how much your weapon recoils?
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    I would like to add that I really don't think a cloaked operator should be able to interrupt someone while exiting camo. Its very hard to react to them and quite annoying to find your weapon can't fire when you do react.
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    When we can expect the weapen balancing patch and the operative revamp?
    Do you consider at the operative revamp to nerf some abilities like camo or only to buff the weak ones that they reach a similar level?
    How do you gonna deal with very strong chips like silent camo or -80% invisibility?
    And are there any thoughts to make the intel gained during a demo match little less?

    Im asking this cause many demo matches I had last time werent that much enjoable. Since the patch which was rising you intel during a match, demo got something like a "hide and seek for the silent invisible enemy which is camping or behind you with f2020 already wating to kill you" (enemy team is most of the time full of motokos). The recent buff invisibility made camo almost completly invisible and empovered silent camo to a reliable always usefull skill which isnt countereble. Due to the low ttk its very important to spot enemys earlier, but spotting insivible ones is very hard (especially if you are playing on low graphics and on range this is completly impossible). You cannot really react to them cause if its a decent or f2020 player its enough that you got spottet earlier, also its very hard to hs invisible ones. Playing on sound to get aware where the enemy could be, oh wait, he is silent, well.... so all in all you cant do anything expect hiding behind you teammate and hoping that he gets shot first and you can then kill the now visible enemy. Thats why I would really like to see some changes like:

    - removing -80 invisibility chip (or remove silent camo or make it little less silent or make the deep audio when being camoed a bit louder)
    - make camo 60% more visible (but not that much like she was before the patch where she got better invisibility -> 0% before patch, 40% how it should be, 100% as it is now)
    - Dont make her being undetected to saito by default; add a speacial chipset for being invisible to heat sensor (therefore you could make mavens barrier undetected to heat sensor by default, cause you still can counter a barrier easily with a simple grenade^^)
    - reduce only the intel you gain after using skill step 1 by 50% so that it would be more benefit to wait until step 2.
    - make borma little less glowing cause he glows like a bit red target/christmas tree whos only desire is to get headshotted
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    Yeah, the Borma being visible through smoke I don't like at all. I don't think it's something needed to balance him. Killing a level 2 Borma is already not something so hard you need to make him a sitting duck on smoke.