Developer Q&A with Team Waffle


  • TarkinTarkin
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    1. In 1-10 scale how are you rating game in its actual state?
    2. Where did you found inspiration for Maven's Signature Outfit? I'm asking, because it was a quite hot topic on forums - I mean, her signature outfit is quite different from others and in my opinion this skin should be reworked - or at least - renamed.
    3. When we can expect to see changes in first person camera? At this moment all characters (except cyborgs in Ghost Assault) have same hands models even with equiped outfit.
    4. How long is taking to create a map? How many phases are in this process?
    5. Biggest success and failure so far?
    6. Why there are so many unused files in game data?
    7. How many people are working in Team Waffle and Geeky Studio?
    8. What we can expect to see in this year? How many content-updates we will see in these last two months?
    9. Could you tell us more about Memory Cells? What kind of items we will be able to buy in MC Shop?
    10. Cyber Crates are just renamed Case Files or it's completly new feature?
    11. We will ever see option to customize our character's outfit? I bet many players would be pleased to - for example - to remove balaclava from Maven Desert Team outfit.
    12. Are you going to revert sniper rifles buff?
    13. Something new about Havok?
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    Every sniper does the same thing. One shot from any distance.
    Why do you even keep releasing new snipers when there's absolutly no incentive to buy a new one?
    How are you planning to adress this?
  • LivingHellLivingHell
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    There are many players using cheat at this moment. We have been reporting them for a long time in-game and also out-game via support system.
    Nothing is happening with them. Are you going to make a system like "Overwatch" on CS:GO or "Tribunal" on LOL working on this game to solve this problem?
  • ChampsChamps
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    1- Netcode improvement !!!!!!!
    2- Add instakill function, into objects to prevent no-clip hack
    3- Limit to 3 the number of same characters per side ( 3 Saito, 3 Mokoto .. ) , really fed up to see some party with only Saito, on both side
    4- Clan function
    5- Gift function
    6- Increase tickrate of servers .. 30 is ridiculous .. jump to 60
    7- Mokoto have 5 green chips .. when all others characters have only 3 ... add new chips to all others characters !

  • SteveDinoSteveDino
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    Champs said:

    1- Netcode improvement !!!!!!!
    2- Add instakill function, into objects to prevent no-clip hack
    3- Limit to 3 the number of same characters per side ( 3 Saito, 3 Mokoto .. ) , really fed up to see some party with only Saito, on both side
    4- Clan function
    5- Gift function
    6- Increase tickrate of servers .. 30 is ridiculous .. jump to 60
    7- Mokoto have 5 green chips .. when all others characters have only 3 ... add new chips to all others characters !

    These aren't questions, this is just a list of things you want to see in the game. This is the sort of stuff that would go in the general suggestions and feedback page.
  • CycatrixCycatrix
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    Will you be more transparent on game mechanics in the future?
    Will you come back to the chips or are those low priority at the moment?
    Are you considering a killcam functionality or is the engine not build with that functionality in mind?
    Do you also take inspiration from the movie and manga or do you purely base the game on SAC?
    Will the next operator be male or female?
    Are there new game mode ideas?
    Will ghost assault be added to the quick dive pool later or will you always keep it separate?
    Do you have any other monitisation ideas than just section 9 pass, DLC packages and skins?
    Will there be some kind of hacking mechanic for enemies?
  • PrismriverPrismriver
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    What dishes do you like ?
    Can you say something in another language than English ?
    Can Disrespect become Dressrespect again ?
    Can we have ASMR Twitch one day ?
    Can you guys says KyonkoChii again ? (Last time on twitch it was soooo bad D: )

    Yeah cuz all questions is about the game and a bit about team waffle is good also ! :D
    Cheers !
    Prism, your lovely guy
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    Oh jeez I've been waiting for this thread for a good long while now. Warning, wall of text incoming

    1. When are you going to fix the ADS sensitivity so that it is universally consistent for all scopes?
    2. What are your takes on the current recoil system? I personally feel that the recoil is too easy to control especially for weapons like the F2020.
    3. Snipers lack variety, what do you think about adding scope-in animations to prevent snipers from being overly aggressive and quickscoping everyone? Do you feel that this style suits the world of GitS?
    4. What do you think of TTK as of now, is it too fast?
    5. Another sniper question, but you'll have to refer to my gigantic thread for this. What do you think about implementing the same sniping style as A.V.A employed?
    scik said:

    Off-topic but regarding quickscoping, I personally don't like the way the current mechanics work. I'm already familiar with this style in other games but IMO it doesn't suit GitS, there needs to be a scope animation like how there is for all other weapons (refer to the 3.4x scope) so that you won't get this insta-scope style. As much as people tend to dislike it I would much prefer more 'hardscoping' style in this game instead of quickfiring, I've had enough of those type of games and would like see a different approach to sniping.

    I personally enjoyed the sniping style of A.V.A. They had different scoping animations for different types of snipers so that heavier snipers generally had a slightly slow scope-in time. They also made it possible to move and shoot while sniping but only when you walk. Some weapons you could run (as in the default movement) and shoot with good accuracy but these were very weak weapons that probably had a 20% to one-shot or they were semi-auto snipers. Just as a note, you could not rush and snipe in that game but you could still play mildly aggressive but snipers still played a more supportive and defensive role because it was much better to play that way.
    6. Will there be more types of attachments, as in ideas like modifying stocks or other parts of weapons?
    7. Will there be a new style of weapon coming out instead of existing ones? I'm referring to gun types such as ARs and SMGs.
    8. What are future weapon designs going to be based off? So far they've been designed around existing weapons but are you planning on designing original or futuristic weapons like the Seburo weapons?
    9. How are you going to make future maps more interesting? Have you considered adding dynamic elements to the map?
    10. Big question here. What do you think of Saito? I'm not referring to whiney complaints like 'Saito is OP', I'm referring to solid facts like negating tactical strategies everytime his skill is activated. Do you think this is a fair skill?
    11. What are your thoughts on a 'Gatcha' system?
    12. Have you considered the idea of adding W+W as an alternative to sprinting? You can still keep the shift to sprint too.

    13. What style of gameplay did you intend the game to be when you first designed it? Did you want a fast, twitch-shooter or a slower, more tactical shooter?
    14. What are the 'Memory Cells' currency for?
    15. Will there be a way to allow enemies to see operative skins or some kind of way to 'show off' your skin? because at the moment you can only display them to your teammates.
    16. What do you have planned for the Tachikoma system?
    17. I personally feel that the bomb sound is too loud in demolition, you can hear it from quite far away. What do you think about this?
    18. Will there only be two grenade slots available? Will we be able to see extra slots in the future?
    19. Following up on 17, what other types of grenades are going to be added in the future?
    20. Are there plans on adding more achievements?
    21. Will there be better rewards for higher ranks because so far we just keep getting 20k and 20k?
    22. Some weapon attachments are pretty useless, like the bipod for snipers or any accuracy attachment for snipers. Have you thought about making these attachments more beneficial?

    23. Regarding map design, will there be more opportunities to shoot through certain material?
    24. Also regarding map design, will there more types of maps where there are multiple floors like a hotel, or an office complex?
    25. Are there any core features regarding gameplay mechanics that are going to be added in the future?
    26. Although this is still being developed, what style of PVE are you trying to go for? More story-oriented or more of a game-mode?
    27. Do you think of this game's future to be 'competitive'? If so, what sort of 'competitive' style gamemodes are you planning on adding?
    28. What do you think on the customising of operatives at the moment? Is it sufficient enough or do you plan on adding additional features?
    29. Do you think it was a good decision to make when you decided that Ability chipsets no longer had negative attributes?
    30. Regarding the movement system, will there be different types of 'vaulting' style animations.
    31. Have you considered adding customisation for pistols and secondary weapons?
    32. What are your takes on the melee system? Do you feel that insta-killing is a good idea?
    33. What do you feel about the current movement system, do you feel that it's fluid? Does it feel GitS?
    34. Following up on 33, do you feel that the gameplay feels like GitS, does it bring that atmosphere whenever you play the game?
    35. How are decisions made on big things such as weapon rebalance, operative rebalance decided?
    36. Will we be able to see more of the scopes available across all weapons of the same type like ARs for instance? Some weapons have a certain scope that others do not have.
    37. What do you think of the current Tachikoma AI system? Do you feel that they move too linear, or move a little too 'robotic'? Their decision making and movement doesn't resemble their advanced AI.

    Oh this is a question more directed to @LumosNXA. Have you read my super long list of suggestions and do you mind attaching it to this post as well to forward to the devs? :3

    I probably still have more questions to ask but in the meantime I'll just post these for now.
  • AdolonAdolon
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    Are there any plans to change how login rewards work? Either the addition of new things to receive or an increase in the login meter? A 30-day login reward, or something like that.
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    Quero agradece a equipe desenvolvedora do game, pois esta muito bem encaixado com esta no Ghost In The Shell.

    Minha pergunta é referente a Servidores.
    Em breve poderemos criar nossos próprios servidores.
    Pois um game como esse merece torneios.