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Ladies and Gentlemen,

the TAW Ghost in the Shell - division is now open for new players.

Who we are

We are The Art of Warfare, otherwise known as TAW. Established in 2001, we are a gaming community for both casual and competitive players. With over 2500 members from around the world, we currently have more than 35 games in our line-up - such as CS:GO, Battlefield, Smite, World of Warcraft, Rainbow Six: Siege, and much more.

What we offer

Within TAW we offer a great deal such as; and not limited to:
A well-structured organization with different ranks, positions, and awards (Medals, tabs and badges) to be awarded to members fulfilling certain roles or achievements - from newest Recruit to our Commander-In-Chief
Multiple scheduled events per week and staff who work hard to prepare them - aiming for improvement, challenge, the usage of squad tactics and above all, fun
A large teamspeak-server with hundreds of people being online at all times, to play and chat with
A very friendly and fun environment to play in, with our Code of Ethics as our basic set of rules
What we aim for with the Ghost In The Shell Division

Our GHS division intends to create a home for players that like to step up their game, or just want to have a more mature, more regular playing environment. We're currently in the process of spinning up the team - creating a base to build upon in the future, both in terms of individual skills and general tactics.
Examples of our current work in the 'tactics' department include the creation of Callout maps (especially for the Demolition mode), or the testing of different grenade throws.
Currently, 5th of december 2016, we're entering the TAW line-up as the youngest division. As such, our numbers and planning are still in the earliest stages. For now, we will focus on teaming up with each other, forming squads for public games and have fun.
A goal for the near future is to enter the First Assault Open Challenge, or first matches against other teams in general.

To enter TAW there are several requirements to meet, such as;
You being 15 or older (Exceptions can be made)
Signing up at (
Being able to attend the weekly meetings of your division
Having Teamspeak and a working microphone (
Being able to follow our Code of Ethics (
No previous VAC ban within the last year (365 days)
Not being part of another clan that plays a game we in TAW offer (No Moonlighting)
Being able to play as part of a group, obviously

Our current time and date for our weekly mandatory event is

Friday, 20:00 GMT (British time) // 21:00 European Standard

Attendance to these mandatory events is required, however attending to non-mandatory "optional" events can make up attendance as well.

If you have questions, please comment in this thread or add me.
Just write a short text on my profile.

Hoping to meet you soon,

Position: GHS Staff Officer
Rank: TAW 1st Lieutenant


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    Bump. Several people have applied now. We are still open for more players and members!
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    We have 11 members, keep it up guys!
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