how clans work jp

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lv10 or more in the players, 50,000GP By consuming, you can create a clan.
  clan function to be implemented at this time is as follows.
   clan create
   clan join
   clan management
   clan withdrawal
   clan exile
   clan master delegation
   clan closure
   Clan Chat
   Clan information display
   clan name displayed on the profile
clan match
 to create a party in the Clan five people, you can do clan match of 5-to-5.
 Matching is based on the clan points to increase or decrease as a result of clan matches,
 clans each other close in ability will match the random.
 Clans-match party created / matching is possible than clans menu.

looking for clan this the clan search

found or made a clan . this the clan home screen"
want to view members. member screen
clan match are 5v5 dive that onl y other clans can enter

img credit:

I do have jp account but I was not able to get screenshots sorry

I don't know if this the system we are getting but I hope it is

  1. Would you be interested in this coming to western versions ?8 votes
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    Looks good if that is what we will be getting :D
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    The Japanese version and the global build of First Assault are two entirely different games and should be considered as such. There is no guarantee that any content and/or functionality from that game will be featured in First Assault.

    As has already been said, Clans are coming to First Assault and we're all excited for them.