Have they changed agile step chip?

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I remember people saying the agile step mounted several times was too much bonus, they spoke of Pazs going lightning fast and any operative just being very fast.

I have found myself surprised in a first round by finding enemies way sooner than I expected, once of those being with Paz hypersprint in first round from A team in district ruins, going to C thinking "HA! here before anybody", since enemy team had no Paz, but just as I finished the stairs an enemy was already there shooting me. "WTF". As the other, I attributed all those things to the enemy player having agile step stacked.

But I've been waiting to have a bunch of the temporary ones and, this morning, I've played with Paz having five agile step chips mounted at the same time. Well... I didn't experience it being that fast. Sure, the hypersprint in PSS9 felt perhaps faster than usual and without it I felt being faster... but I don't think I was any!

First: PSS9 in demo from attack side: I activated it, darted to B from mid... when I arrived there was already somebody on the counter watching the sniping site, just as other times with hyper sprint and no agile chips.

Second: In underground base I was running with the Kriss-SV that has only a damage barrel (-5 movement speed) and I was running same speed as a Motoko with a P90 and no agile step chips (forgot to ask if the P90 had movement penalties).

Has that chip been nerfed? Is there a bug by which they may some times not give their full effect? Or maybe the bug is they're no longer stackable but description says it is and it can be mounted several times? Those so fast guys, specially the District ruins one, could have been cheaters?


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    I noticed something similar, sometimes it just seems like the effect is missing. I wonder if unmount and remount of the chips might fix it, but it costs 1,000 to remount the damn things and that adds up quick for something so hard to quantify as 'it seems faster'...
    I have found myself being outrun on occasion even when I have all agile steps and the knife equipped and the other player has Motoko with a MG. Wouldn't it be nice to actually see the characters numbers somewhere so we could see the change reflected at least?
  • sayatakagisayatakagi
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    i think it got secretly nerfed it seems like it got a little slower
  • ChampsChamps
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    into the past the agile step chip give +10% of speed, the last version give +4% of speed ...
    the new chip give more negative effect than the positive effect .. why use chips with more negative effects than positives ?
    Nexon have reduce to 60% the effect of this chip

    old chip

    new chip

    maybe some old players still have equiped the old chips ....

  • MidlordMidlord
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    It should affect their chips as well.
    I'm starting to thing those many super fast "I got the five agile steps" are cheaters.
    It gets annoying when say you have Paz in the HQ and enemies have not, just agile steps. You defend, activate Paz, go to A, when you reach top of stairs enemy is already there. Switch to attack. You activate Paz. You run to A. You're exiting library and the enemy has already come from the stairs. REALLY?!

    EDIT: To be fair, it seems they did get changed, but I don't know when and don't know exactly how much more speed hyper sprint provides, got to look it, and I've not used Paz in a way to notice that in some time, so perhaps it was before the agile steps were way too OP.
  • VeldrinVeldrin
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    I played Maven with 5x agile step for a very long time (now 4x agile step plus stronger barrier chip). The time i had 5 agile step chips several Motoko players were faster than me and when i asked them they said the only have 2 agile step chips, so maybe it is just the had a very good spawn position and me a bad one. But yes, speed is not that useful as it was, but for that there are other reason. I don't think they altered the chips a second time.
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    Personally right now I have x3 agile step chips (previously x4 and x2 Thermoptic chipsets) and I found out that depending on the weapon, with attachments I did my best to keep the negative penalties with certain attachments down to a minimum due to the fact that attachments do have a - movement speed that goes along with them thus keeping my movement speed still pretty high. For example with my P-90 with the attachments to it, there is 0 negative movement penalties with my x3 agile step chipset. before when I had x4 of them I was constantly accused of speed hacking due to this. As of right now I have no idea if they've altered Agile Step and honestly don't think they have.