Favourite Episodes from Ghost in the Shell Anime

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What's your most favourite Episode from the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Anime series ( It can be from S.A.C.1 or S.A.C.2) and Why it's your favourite?


  • mutronixmutronix
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    I think "Poker face" is the most memorable stand alone episode. Actually, I prefer original movie and Innocence.

  • GotherellaGotherella
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    Togusa's court hearing episode, it shows a lot about how the actual justice system works and even points out that most law workers dont even understand anything firearm related, that and it shows you a great detail about Togusa and how his character is.

    That and the finale of 2nd GIG where Goda gets shot in the face. That always brings tears to my eyes.
  • MidlordMidlord
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    I will go with the chapter about the son of deceased father that is involved in a death threat, because they use it nicely to introduce elements to the plot that will be relevant later nicely.

    As oppossed to the second gig's chapter that makes up a magic-like thing to pull off a show of Motoko's past in a totally gratuitous way. The first time that chapter made me be almost on the verge of disliking the second season. That's not a "an advanced enough technology is indistinguishable from magic" thing. Just unexplained bs. Who does it? Why it's done?
  • KyleKatarnKyleKatarn
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    Now here's something that I totally love. My favorite Stand Alone Complex episode would be #5 Decoy. I enjoyed watching this episode because it has a few funny moments like when Paz is interrogating a guy while watching hentai, and when the Major is looking in on The Laughing Man case while two of her roommates Kuritan and Ran slept in each other's arms. Which that got me thinking that Motoko Kusanagi clearly is bi-sexual and seem to have her girlfriends with her on bed. That got me laughing so hard. XD

  • LumosNXALumosNXA
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  • GhostCQCGhostCQC
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    My fave is a hard choice but I really the episode going into Motoko's past. When she was trying to convince the boy to get a prosthetic body. I also liked the one with the anti cyberization paramilitary group.
  • ChobeChobe
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    Easy! The one that narrates Saito's first contact with the major.. I like the small details about cyborgs that they established, how you recognize them, etc. - just awesome. :) These details separate just "good" settings and really amazing ones.