If you hug wall can put seeker drones on other sid

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just got cheesed by this, pretty dumb
was on train station map at the NETKON sign wall


  • HakureiHakurei
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    Very old bug/"feature", i have no idea what the devs are thinking about it and when they will address this.
    Will give a reminder to them.
  • nooitzbennooitzben
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    I'm hoping this will be changed soon so drones don't go behind walls for easy kills. I'm surprised this still has not been addressed yet. As a Togusa user..ya this is extremely cheap to do on train demo map.
  • TylerCTylerC
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    I actually like this, because drones are pretty lame and very easy to avoid. There are people that manage to get less than 20 points of damage by barely moving from the trigger zone.
  • P4prik4P4prik4
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    the strength of drones isn't so much getting kills. the strength is in forcing the enemy to draw fire/change where they are aiming/waste ammo etc, or even force them to run / zone them out, all of which give you a window during which you to go in, but you have to time it well.

    they provide excellent pressure.
    placing them over the wall is just cheese for someone who expects them to appear in front of them.
  • MidlordMidlord
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    Yeah, I strongly dislike it, so I avoid doing it. Since people keep using, though, I'm making a compromise in my use of it between cheesing it and giving up completely the ability to spawn through wall, which is: if there's a nearby window or door way you could say I can reach with my arm, then I can spawn the drone at the other side. As if I shove it through. Otherwise, no drone through wall. There are also places you can spawn it pretty damn far from where you actually are.
  • mutronixmutronix
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    Honestly, spawning drones over the wall is the funniest thing in this game xD