[CONTEST OVER] Valentine’s Day Haiku Contest


  • BishopVFXBishopVFX
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    Thermoptics are up
    Moving to Enemy Base
    Cupid strikes today
  • TarkinTarkin
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    He's finally dead
    Now magazine is empty
    I feel convulsions
  • GotherellaGotherella
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    Smell of Brass in air
    Snipers death kiss from nowhere
    Im behind you now

    Also, its snowing on mt fuji
  • ZpencerZpencer
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    You Aim You Fire Away
    I Run I Hide But I Die
    Walls Cant Stop Ghost Gun

    I get killed through walls alot lol
  • SkebinSkebin
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    "Three crimson eyed men
    Fading in a ball of fire
    The great grace of death"

    An ode to the Crimson Skies namecard.

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Your friend is dead,
    And soon you'll be to
  • TaCCTaCC
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    Red Vs Blue

    I'm Section Nine , So are you

    A ghosts perspective

    We might all think we're playing the heroes but only the victor gets to choose.
  • TheLoveDoktorTheLoveDoktor
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    Hey all! Time for my submission for the contest, as well as a couple others for fun!

    Motoko is pure//
    Do not touch her she is mine//
    I claim her okay//

    Now for the fun ones:

    Ishikawa sees //
    a TDM where he loses //
    Says, "Yeah, Excellent!" //

    Togusa is scared //
    "Don't tell my wife about this" //
    Lewd Seeker Drone lovin' //

    Maven is a witch//
    Literally the worst//
    Delet Maven Pls//

    Saito is angry//
    He can see everything but//
    Motoko's THICC butt//

    Borma is special //
    Uses Nano-gel always //
    Like an Ointment //

    I might post some more for the other Operatives, but for now just enjoy these!
  • TesunaTesuna
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    Life is sometimes fun
    But can be ruined by the

    tfw when the f2020 performs like a smg but with more range and damage and barely any recoil :(

    AU is my home
    Lumos manage to beat me
    Guess I got Dusted.
  • HidetaHideta
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    "The hawkeye visualizes,
    Ghosts have arrived,
    All-seeing eye falls."

    Based off of Saito's heat sensors and the op Motoko thermoptic counter. >:D
  • RektifiedRektified
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    Cute, kind, empathic.
    What is childrens best friend?

    Referring to S1 Ep12. This episode broke my heart and almost made me cry ^.^
    Sell stuffed Tachikomas plz