[CONTEST OVER] Valentine’s Day Haiku Contest


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    "Nothing speaks greater
    Than five by five six NATO
    Says Ghost to my Shell"

    Although I have never watched more than a few episodes of S.A.C., I hypothesize that the Cyborg's "ghost" either refers to the consciousness of the cyber brain or the lack thereof. Throughout Ghost in the Shell and it's other series', the major shows little-to-no emotion and is revered for her combat efficiency, battle strategies, and ability to lead those who serve along side her. An automatic assault rifle is nothing more than a proficient killing machine used to take out the enemy, to the cybernetic eye. But, you have to wonder, with the cyber brain containing parts of the human conscience, do these machines still feel anything human, or are they merely metal and cyber chip upgrades?
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    "Learning to play here
    found my lone love that was near
    now we are a pair"
    -Lyh Flare

    It's a love Haiku from me to the game it self ... Call me silly ~
    Here's my contribution to participate in this contest !
    Really appreciating this event, both the poetry and the in-game event as well see you guys and girls in there!
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    "Don't try to snipe me,
    I'll just snipe right back,
    headshots back to back."

    Sorry everyone. I know sniping is annoying buuuuttttt, it good.
  • hotwordnerdhotwordnerd
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    Heat vision sees you
    Run from shotgun shell barrage
    Death comes too quickly
  • C3LLC3LL
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    as long as the brain''s alive,
    ghosts will revive.
  • HWimbletonHWimbleton
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    Freshly fallen snow,
    on courtyard cherry blossoms,
    fire echoes throughout.

    Was trying to think of something for an entry for the contest and thought about the new map 'Castle'. Remembered seeing the cherry blossoms throughout the map in the live stream last Friday, realizing the click in relation to the scene on the 2nd GIG finale so I got to work! Good luck to everyone!
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    Ready in position
    Breath out squeeze the trigger
    Bullet finds it's mark
  • UlmirthUlmirth
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    She sprints deeper in
    Her steps quiet and nimble
    Bang! The heart trembles

    This haiku relates to our major pulling off a clutch in a demolition map. I tried to be as objective as possible, leaving out judgement and analysis in how one can perceive her movement subjectively (in the haiku itself), reflecting only as how one can see it in that ‘natural environment’, at that moment of observation. However, as it is a valentine’s haiku, there has to be some sort of feeling that invokes such (love) emotions.

    This has always been a contrast which I found surreal yet enchanting. The player is filled with energy and vigour, being the last one on the team alive, yet as she slides from area to area, she doesn’t make a sound in all that haste (due to the major’s ability). It is this contradiction that I wanted to give detail to, which leads to the final line, where after she breaks the silence with bullets, one cannot help, but feel a jolt due the surprise.

    Thinking in terms of the perspective of whomever is watching her, or awaiting her (the dead team mates spectating, or the enemy trying to find out her location), it is a natural feeling to be ‘spooked’, or startled when absolute stillness is broken by the loud ringing of gunshots. I wanted to use that ‘astonishment’ as a way of expressing someone’s heart being captured by that contrasting way of movement.
  • PraeliatorPraeliator
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    My bad eyes, I saw
    A sight of the fine lady
    My heart tears apart
  • SyenneSyenne
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    "Launcher is ready
    That sounds like a sudden death
    Rockets win the race"

    Who wants some fresh puree :o
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    Get ready to fight,
    The enemy has no chance,
    Shoot, out of ammo!

    Has anyone else had that problem? XD
  • DrMashiritoDrMashirito
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    Rebooting our fate,
    guns to whisper for revenge
    again undressed

    My haiku deeply tries to paint with that words, the process that goes from dying a hundred times, the great awake as a prelude of the improved revenge promises,, cause after saying someone is a hacker, you sure decided driven by the rage "game mode and map changed, so I should change my angel of mercy set up to ensure they will allow the glorious sun to pass through all the wholes my whisperers will yell at them, and then again, is when you realize, that once game mode and map is closed, there are a small group of seconds remaining insurgent blocking you to change a weapon or the operative, so you know that all that acrobatic movements you masterplanned to kill the enemy won't happen cause you feel naked with the wrong wepons handled by the wrong operative. So that is what triggers the BIG QUESTION that humanity revealed as it's first form of identifying new gods to pray and demons to share----(bleep not again, WHYYYY!!?)

    Sorry if I couldn't get the deepness level the proposal was making to us, a bunch of gamers that just know a few words llike, bleep, bleep, hacker, camper, noob, gg, and wp .I had other idea about Batou and his twisted arm, but it resulted a bit unpleasant once the picture was installed on the beta haiku reading volunteer's brain,. Said that, wanna ask devs,, leave some seconds to set up weapons once in the matrix, before the match starts,

    As proof of work, I can be confident to recommend to say this verses to fiance if getting dumped desire excels over all
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    Alone in demo
    Bomb planted with clock ticking
    Skill sync for more time?

    Sometimes it just sucks being last person left in demo and enemy has planted bomb. Would be nice if there was an operative that could skill sync for more time on clock for demo. Demolition can be frustrating to play.

    Love is in the air
    Cyborgs are beautiful too
    Motoko is bae

    Here's my 2nd haiku not sure if it counts but just wanted to make one more related to Valentine's day. It's a bit corny but its not too bad :) I believe we can only use one haiku for the contest so I'll go with my 2nd one I've posted. I'll just think of the first one as a for fun one I made.
  • NobodyNobodyNobodyNobody
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    "But," you once asked me,
    "Can you fold a paper crane?"
    Now, too late, I can.

    In-universe, this would be written by Motoko, in remembrance of "the first boy she ever loved" (subplot taken from 2nd Gig).
  • spectaclesspectacles
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    Major clad in pink
    Forgets terminals and bombs
    Captures hearts instead

    Even the Major needs some vacation, and what better use for that annual leave than to don her pink Valentine's outfit and spread the message of love?

    This was a bit of a last-minute entry, but it's Valentine's Day for me every single day so my romantic, haiku-penning heart is still beating loud and clear.
    So loud, in fact, that last week's stream inspired me to write one for the new dynamic duo, Disrespect and puffyhuff. (The one above is my submission :3)

    For those dreary days
    When you can't hit a barn door
    "Sweetest Black Desire"
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    Thank you all for your entries! 14 pages of haikus to sift through...this will take some time to judge! So happy that so many of you decided to join the contest! :-)
    VenkmanJShengKaiOhBoyItsDankHWimbletonRosecraftLyhTelésforo441ALightbringerFightMeowIkonsand 4 others.
  • LumosNXALumosNXA
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    Apologies for the wait, Operatives. There were so many haikus to go through! Unfortunately, not everyone qualified because they did not adhere to the 5-7-5 rule. Those who did will find a PM from me in their inbox so that I can send you the 30k GP participation prize.

    And now....

    I am excited to announce our winners!!!!! *drumroll please* .....

    1) JShengKai
    Heart caged in metal
    But the soul wanders freely
    A ghost in the shell

    2) Rosecraft
    Silent Shifted Rain,
    Hacking Crime in Neon Frames,
    First Assault by Name

    3) Aspality
    Yearning and lonely
    A ghost with no shell, searching
    For the perfect skin

    4) Ic0n0clast
    Oh Light Machine Gun,
    Endless torrent of hot lead,
    Seburo brings Death

    5) Becon
    Spawn in front of me
    I aim to obtain your heart
    You take mine instead

    CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS!!!! Thank you to all who participated. We'll have more contests soon!
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    Congrats guys! Great submissions!
  • AlmalexionAlmalexion
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    Gratz to the winners. I still don't get my 30k gp and 2 days passed, I messaged Lumos in the forum, discord, made a mention... Have no idea what to do :(
  • MidlordMidlord
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    Almalexion wrote: »
    Gratz to the winners. I still don't get my 30k gp and 2 days passed, I messaged Lumos in the forum, discord, made a mention... Have no idea what to do :(

    Give it time. When I won the YT raffle it got two or three days to get it in my inbox. Also consider there are many participants, so it may take longer depending on other work loads they have. More so since the update seems to be having a delay (I saw a post past friday saying it will come "next week with the usual maintenance", which means it should've come yesterday or today.