[CONTEST OVER] Valentine’s Day Haiku Contest

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Greeting, Operatives,

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and to celebrate this day of love, we’d like to present February’s creative contest!

For this contest, we want you to create Valentine’s Day haiku, fit to win over the Major herself. There will be a participation prize of 30,000 GP.

Be creative, but please keep the content clean and PG-13.


- Create a Valentine’s Day haiku based on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online. Not sure what a Haiku is? Read here: http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Haiku-Poem
- One entry per person.
- Be creative!
- Feel free to post a brief explanation if you'd like.
- Keep the text and content PG-13.

How to Win:
- VIEW OFFICIAL RULES HERE: http://forums.firstassault.nexon.net/discussion/5526/valentine-s-day-haiku-contest
- All participants will receive 30,000 GP.
- We will select five winners.
- The prizes for our winners will be the following:
1st place: Valentine’s Day Skin Collection (F-MAS G1: Hate Skin, UMP-45S1: Love Skin, Motoko: Amor Skin and Maven: Eros Skin), 250K GP, (1) weapon/operative skin of choice (from what’s available in the Market)
2nd place: Valentine’s Day Skin Collection (F-MAS G1: Hate Skin, UMP-45S1: Love Skin, Motoko: Amor Skin and Maven: Eros Skin), 250K GP
3rd place: 250K GP, Valentine’s Day Skin of Choice (F-MAS G1: Hate Skin, UMP-45S1: Love Skin, Motoko: Amor Skin or Maven: Eros Skin)
4th place: 250K GP
5th place: 125K GP
- Judging will be based on quality and creativity.
- Judging will be decided by the Community Manager and the First Assault team.
- Winners will be announced and awarded the week of February 27, 2017.

Please post your submissions in this forum thread between when this thread is posted and Monday, February 27, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST.

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  • BKinThisBishBKinThisBish
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    Almost hacked this
    This think tank will get destroyed
    oh no, i see its rocket
  • LumosNXALumosNXA
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    Almost hacked this
    This think tank will get destroyed
    oh no, i see its rocket

    This doesn't follow the 5-7-5 syllable rule. REDO PLS! :3
  • ProjektGhostProjektGhost
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    Decided to go with a tongue-in-cheek approach and, for the sake of abiding to the 5-7-5 syllable scheme, rely on nuance to get the joke across. In case some clarification is needed, the first two lines are obvious nods towards the upgradability of the enhanced bodies. The last line is just a jab at the community and their insatiable requests for cheaper items / more GP / sell-back system. The title is aptly named, as it is a variation of the first draft I came up with. The only difference is the last line ended with "Ask not for receipts."

    Happy Valentine's Day, all! <3

    "Not So Complex" v2.0

    If I gave my heart,
    would you still upgrade farther?
    All sales are final.
  • mutronixmutronix
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    Mailroot full of valentines
    541: The recipient address rejected your message
    Urgently find Ishikawa
  • ALightbringerALightbringer
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    Death fears you and me
    Two drops of blood and wine
    We always are unite

    The idea here is regarding two things-soul and body as a theme for ghost in the shell,what is true and what is not...and when one's a man,and not an hollow shell,and also for that special lad or lass that will always stand besides you...Let them try,if you have one by your side,you are immortal..you never fight alone...If only I had one too....

    ...sigh,I told myself not to get emotional,dammit,now I have to go fight a bear or something
  • FightMeowFightMeow
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    Inspired by that one GiTS SAC episode, you all know the one.

    Some roses are red,
    I'd like The Major in bed.
    Can cyborgs have sex?
  • LumosNXALumosNXA
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    Guys!! Please use the 5-7-5 syllable guideline for writing Haikus: http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Haiku-Poem

    Otherwise, your entry will not be eligible for any prizes!
  • Ic0n0clastIc0n0clast
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    "Oh Light Machine Gun,
    Endless torrent of hot lead,
    Seburo brings Death"

    An ode to my favorite weapon class.
  • AlmalexionAlmalexion
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    ''One Bomb for Her Heart
    Oh My Sweetest Explosions
    Like a Thousand Suns''

    Well, that site which counts syllabs for each word says 5-7-5 so I guess it's 5-7-5.
    Anyway... I bombed so many Motoko's (One of the most used character in game) for the event so I dedicated this haiku to my latest events for gun skin :) 'EXPLOSION!' 'BAKUHATSU!'
  • AshTailFoxAshTailFox
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    "My blade is passion
    Come a little closer now
    A hug waits for you"

    Everyone knows knifehugs are how you show affection in GITS. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • BishopVFXBishopVFX
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    Thermoptics are up
    Moving to Enemy Base
    Cupid strikes today
  • TarkinTarkin
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    He's finally dead
    Now magazine is empty
    I feel convulsions
  • GotherellaGotherella
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    Smell of Brass in air
    Snipers death kiss from nowhere
    Im behind you now

    Also, its snowing on mt fuji
  • ZpencerZpencer
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    You Aim You Fire Away
    I Run I Hide But I Die
    Walls Cant Stop Ghost Gun

    I get killed through walls alot lol
  • SkebinSkebin
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    "Three crimson eyed men
    Fading in a ball of fire
    The great grace of death"

    An ode to the Crimson Skies namecard.

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Your friend is dead,
    And soon you'll be to
  • TaCCTaCC
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    Red Vs Blue

    I'm Section Nine , So are you

    A ghosts perspective

    We might all think we're playing the heroes but only the victor gets to choose.
  • TheLoveDoktorTheLoveDoktor
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    Hey all! Time for my submission for the contest, as well as a couple others for fun!

    Motoko is pure//
    Do not touch her she is mine//
    I claim her okay//

    Now for the fun ones:

    Ishikawa sees //
    a TDM where he loses //
    Says, "Yeah, Excellent!" //

    Togusa is scared //
    "Don't tell my wife about this" //
    Lewd Seeker Drone lovin' //

    Maven is a witch//
    Literally the worst//
    Delet Maven Pls//

    Saito is angry//
    He can see everything but//
    Motoko's THICC butt//

    Borma is special //
    Uses Nano-gel always //
    Like an Ointment //

    I might post some more for the other Operatives, but for now just enjoy these!
  • TesunaTesuna
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    Life is sometimes fun
    But can be ruined by the

    tfw when the f2020 performs like a smg but with more range and damage and barely any recoil :(

    AU is my home
    Lumos manage to beat me
    Guess I got Dusted.
  • HidetaHideta
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    "The hawkeye visualizes,
    Ghosts have arrived,
    All-seeing eye falls."

    Based off of Saito's heat sensors and the op Motoko thermoptic counter. >:D
  • RektifiedRektified
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    Cute, kind, empathic.
    What is childrens best friend?

    Referring to S1 Ep12. This episode broke my heart and almost made me cry ^.^
    Sell stuffed Tachikomas plz