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Anybody knows how to do a video streaming for this game to twitch via Nvidia Shadowplay ?
It says this game is not supported on Nvidia pannel somehow but I guess it's probably not an issue and I am doing something wrong :/ Shadowplay is nice and not tiring the gpu and cpu very much and easy to configure.
And I have obs too but my next problem about this is:
Any body knows what to do for reducing the lagg on an online game while streaming (or no lagg differences at all, 'cuz I saw that most of the times in other streams, it's called lagless streaming)? My ms/ping is goin' nuts when I start the streaming on obs! Opening a different port or something ? Btw my aim is 360p streaming firstly, I don't think I can do hq streaming sadly right off the bat...



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    i tested a few streams myself, go with obs studio with bitrate set to 2000~ 2300 and whatever your canvas setting is you sure need to set your output to 1280x720
    these settings allow you to stream 720p@30fps and glitchless given your upstram is capable of doing so.
    i used amd relive and it caused more problems then one solution which is i can stream... feelsbad..
    there are many shadowplay explanation out there but yet again obs studio makes the greater experience if you can solve the mic problem stream can't get my mic levels and i am barely noticable while speaking

    i am still trying to manage the best out of me and figured i might need a bigger data plan for upload purposes since im on a "capped bw" deal.

    i can try to help you in a bit of tips and tricks but i am fairly new to the arena myself..